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I love my daughter.

She is just the right person who can help me live. Everything about her is perfect. Her silky, long, flowing blond hair, her beautiful blue eyes, her light skin. She is the greatest child I have ever had, and ever will have. She has the personality of an angel. I hope that she never grows up. Out of all her countless siblings, she is my favorite.

We live in a house in Reed's Road, New Jersey. It is such a pretty house. It lights up red every night with the decorations I put outside of it. My daughter loves it. She usually ignores it, dismissing it as trash, but that's just kids for you, aren't they?

I should perhaps give some background on my daughter. Her name is Cherry. Our favorite season when we are together is autumn. When I'm with her, talking about how all the seasons seem to change so fast, everything feels better for me. I feel alive around Cherry, as well as all of my sons and daughters.

This particular night was a cold, bitter, breezy and quiet October night - just the way we like it. We were both lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling aimlessly. We were discussing nature and how the leaves on the trees seemed to die so fast around this time of year. I looked to her and smiled. She turned her head away from me, and my smile dissolved into a frown.

"Why are you turning away from me?" I asked her casually, tilting my head.

No answer.

My frown quickly sunk even farther, but then I smiled again. "How about of game of tag, my deary?"

Still no answer.

I looked to all of my other children, who were looking quite sleepy. Cherry herself was quite tired looking as well, her eyes half shut. The kiddies looked cold as well, their bodies shivering various times. I smiled warmly at them, closing all the windows, before holding them in my arms and rocking them back and forth, one by one. They were very pale in the faces, and were all very messy, with reddish liquid stains on their little bodies. Silly little kiddies, always forgetting to wash up.

Written by The Koromo