December 17th, 2019, Iyakei Academy grade 10 group chat, 9:34 am

Kai Yoshio: Hey, does anyone remember Kimi and Gen Miyahara?

Myo Kizono: Yeah, weren't they students here a few years ago? I think they left because of their mom or something, what about them?

Kai Yoshio: About their mom, have you ever thought about why they had to leave?

Ami Migashi: Not really, I never questioned it because I thought everyone knew. Their mom went to jail. I thought that was just common knowledge.

Kai Yoshio: Wait, she went to jail? I never knew honestly.

Ami Migashi: Yeah, here's the link to an article on her arrest. https://____________

Article name: My Dearest Mother

On September 8th, 2016, the infimums serial killer known as "My Dearest Mother" Has recently been identified as Nadia Miyahara, the mother of 10 year old Kimi Miyahara and 16 year old Gen Miyahara. Nadia has been sentenced to a life in jail on account of 38 murders of grown women, all in their 20s-40s, specifically expecting mothers. Nadia's method of murder was inviting women to her home for a dinner party, of which they think multiple people would attend. She would claim that the other attendees had simply not arrived yet. She would sneak a laxative into the food that she served to the lady "early", and when they would go to the room that they thought was the bathroom, Nadia snuck behind the unexpecting woman and tie them up, and hang them.

In 2006, one of the women that Nadia was about to kill went into labor before the deed was done. Nadia took in the child as her own, and the child went on to be known as Kimi Miyahara, the younger sister to Nadia's biological child, Gen Miyahara.

While Nadia was tying up one of her victims, her husband Aneoro Miyahara, came home from a business trip early, and discovered Mother's secret. Nadia told Gen, who was only 6 at the time, to stab his father to death with a pair of scissors. Not knowing any better, and worrying what his mother would to to him if he disobeyed her orders, he proceeded to stab him a total of 8 times in his stomach. Gen was not held accountable though, as it was his mother's fault. Here is an interview we had with Gen Miyahara.

Interviewer: "Hello, we have a few questions for you. Our first question is, how did you discover that your mother was a killer?"

Gen: "Not sure, I've been aware of it as long as I can remember. Kimi on the other hand found out about it when it got on the news for the first time."

Interviewer: "Do you still love Mother?"

Gen: "I never did, she was neglectful to me. Kimi got all the love, but it wasn't her fault."

Interviewer: "Did Kimi forgive Mother?"

Gen: "She thinks that she can be redeemed, but I don't think so. She's a lost cause."

December 28th, 2027, Miyahara family household, 11:48 pm

A few days earlier, Gen had bailed My Dearest Mother out of jail, and had tortured her ruthlessly, cutting through her flesh and bruising her everywhere, and he had finally decided to put her out of her missery. Nadia was tied up, the exact same way she would tie up her victims. "Gen, why did you bail me out? Was it just to torture me? You're no different than me." She was trying to itch her bruises and cuts, but couldn't reach. Gen looked down at Nadia, a sinister expression on his face, his feminine figure trembling. He gripped a rope, tighter and tighter with every word that Mother said. "You wouldn't hurt your dearest mother, would you? You're too weak to do any harm to me even if you tried."

Gen shook his head violently, his glasses almost flying off, and his long black hair becoming even messier than it was beforehand. "Shut up," He muttered, almost whispering. Nadia opened her mouth to say something, but before any words could spill out Gen started yelling, "SHUT UP! I have waited so long for this day, you shall suffer the same fate of the women you killed. You made both me and Kimi suffer our whole lives, and now, I can finally get back at you for all your crimes!" He yanked the rope that he was holding, causing Nadia to be lifted off the ground. She kicked and yelled for help. Slowly, she stopped struggling. Gen started walking out of the room, but once he got to the doorway, he turned his head to Mother's lifeless body.

"You are not my dearest mother."

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