VVD-061 DollyGBo

Mya came home after she was done with her job at Burger King. She hung her oversized, gray hoodie in the nearly-empty closet, and watched the wooden door swing slowly back and forth.

The small apartment seemed strange now that had Jessica moved out; there weren't any more laughs ringing through the apartment or warm smiles to welcome her home. The only sound was the creaking of the old wooden floors. Then, Mya saw it. Standing in her kitchen was, some sort of... creature.

It looked like a 5’8” porcelain doll wearing a frilly, pink dress, that revealed the hoop skirt frame at the bottom, blood dripping off it. The ”dolly” had snarled, long, blond hair and twitching green eyes. It had cracks all over it, with dried blood that once oozed out. She opened her mouth to reveal two rows of teeth that could have belonged in a shark’s mouth.

The doll said in a terrifying little girls voice, “You got rid of me. Threw me in the trash, now I’ll do the same to you, only worse.” Mya tried to run away with all of her might but some unknown force kept her back. Her face twisted in horror and fear. Just as she let a scream out, the thing lunged at her, monstrous nails aiming to rip out her flesh. Just as Mya prepared  for her life to end, the creature said, “Call me Susie... oh wait, you can’t.”

Mya woke in her queen-sized bed, and her green blankets were in a mess on the floor. Her face was covered with sweat. Brown hair clung to her pale face. Her blue eyes searched in her small room, looking for anything abnormal. Then, she saw her doll, Susie, on the black, worn-down dresser across from her bed. Susie was an average sized doll, with long blond hair that desperately needed to be brushed and beautiful emerald green eyes. She had a few cracks in her, because Mya’s niece accidentally knocked her over last week. Her dress was pink and frilly to match her beautiful pink blush.

Realization washed over Mya's face. She had thrown Susie out last week, after she got broken.

“Wha, h-how are you here?” Mya stammered out, voice full of fear.

Susie fell off the dresser. But when she hit the ground, she didn’t break. She landed on her feet, and started to grow. Her once beautiful dress was now ripped, torn, and too short. Susie had also grown nails longer than most people’s hands. Her beautiful green eyes started to twitch, leaving Mya shaking with fear on her bed, not knowing what to do. Susie let out a short laugh and said one statement before attacking:  “You got rid of me. Threw me in the trash, now I’ll do the same to you, only worse.”

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