Man in black suit

The Man In My Dreams

It was a normal day. I'd get up, go to school, get home, and mess around on the internet. It was the night, that was abnormal. You see, this man invited me out. We went to a cafe, had coffee, and I invited him home, since we had a lot in common, thinking we could be great friends. I can't remember the rest. All I remember was being in my bed. I fell asleep.

In my dream, I was in this abandoned building, like one you'd see in an apocalyptic movie. I explored a bit, and came upon a room. It was quite small, with no windows or doors. The only way in and out was the hole in the wall, that I just crawled through. Standing there, was a man. He was wearing all black, and had a hat on. He then pointed to a corner, in which there was an object. I walked over, eying the man, and picked it up. I quickly shoved it in my pocket, and I woke up.

But, I wasn't in my room. I was in the room in my dreams. I reached for my pocket, and, there was the object inside! I then noticed what it was. It was a wallet, inside there was around $1000 and a note. The note read: "Congratulations! You have been chosen! Good Luck!" I turned it over, and there were more words. "If you want to make it out of here, follow these instructions carefully. I have given you $1000 dollars, no matter what, DO NOT spend it! If you do, you fail. Now, your job. Find someone, doesn't matter where or when, just do it. Now, do exactly this: invite them somewhere, a cafe, the park, hell even your home! Since they are a stranger, they're likely to say no. But if they say yes, that's the sign, they are chosen. When they come, you must immediately kill them. No mercy.

Do not let them utter a single word. Now, you will fall asleep. You will then dream. You will be standing in a familiar room, and you must place the wallet I gave you, along with the note and money, in a corner. The one you killed will then walk inside the room, and you must say nothing, only point to the wallet on the ground. After he picks it up, he will disappear into another room. You are now free. There will be a sledge hammer by the wall. Take it, and slam it against the wall. The wall will crack open, revealing a room, with golden walls and floors, and others will be there. You have fulfilled your duty as a human. You may now rest forever in this place, heaven."

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