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Hi, my name is Leo. I recently moved into a new house in North Georgia just a couple days ago. Yesterday, I was watching TV around 8 or 9 at night, when I noticed a small corner of paper sticking out of a cabinet near the entrance of my back door. I was curious so I went and picked up the piece of paper and started to read what was on it. I can't really explain what this note is about or who wrote it, but it seems to me to be some sort of account of this person encountering something by the previous owner of this house. I don't know what to make of this, so I just decided to put it up on this site to see if anyone has any information about this "thing" the story is describing. Anyways, here’s my transcription of what I read;

I need to write this down. No one believes me. But I know it's true, THAT THING KNOWS I'M HERE. Before I leave tomorrow I am writing down an account of what I saw to provide a warning to anyone that comes near this place. It was 3 weeks ago last Saturday when it happened. I was driving home from a work party I had just had with my friends. I remember looking at the clock on my phone read 11:16. I was pretty tired so I decided to take a shortcut back to my house, which took me through the woods. As I drove deeper into the forest, I remember feeling a sense of unease I can't really explain, and as I kept going, the feeling increased. I eventually decided to just turn back and go the normal way back to my house, but when I tried, my limbs stiffened and I just kept driving. It was like my own body was sabotaging my brain. And that is when I saw it. At first, all I rendered was a bright light, almost hovering above the trees, but then I noticed that this floating orb was connected to a body. It was thin and tall, made of a pure black substance that was so dark, it seemed to draw in light. It was just standing still looking at my car. I wanted to scream and run, but I couldn't. Something made me just silently get out of my car and walk towards that thing. The tall black figure slowly started moving into the forest, and I unwillingly followed him. The light of what I guessed to be his head seemed to call to me, drawing my body towards it like moths to a lamp. I don't remember too clearly, but in my subconscious I could hear it calling.

Come, Come, Follow the Lanternman

I assume that Lanternman is its name, but calling it man is a stretch. As I followed it deeper into the woods, the less control I had over my body, my legs and arms moved without me telling them to, and my head looked straight forward. Eventually the Lanternman stopped a few meters ahead of me, but my body kept moving towards him. I managed to look down to see that I was about to step off the edge of a steep drop into the river below. The Lanternman was floating in the sky a few paces in front of me calling me to step off the cliff. I summoned all my brainpower right then and there, and commanded my limbs to break from his control and run. I heard a loud popping noise in the back of my brain, and I was able to run. I ran like the wind, but the Lanternman followed. As it came closer, I could see dark spikes starting to come out of its arms, black and red liquids started dripping from its flesh and he started running even faster while screaming in a loud shrill. It sounded as if it were a person screaming after they had ripped their vocal chords. Its chest split in half and teeth revealed themselves beneath the dark flesh. It was about to bite me in half with its chest when I reached the clearing and jumped into my car. I drove the fastest I could all the way back to my house. I have to leave this place. I keep seeing him in the back of my mind, and each day the forest calls to me harder. I need to leave before my body just starts walking back to the Lanternman. I don’t think I can resist the calling for too much longer. If you are reading this, leave while you still can. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-