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Collinsworth Asylum 1956

I guess before this story even starts, I should introduce myself.

My name is Danny Haggar, I used to love exploring abandoned buildings with my friends, Stacy, Johnny and Tyler.

Well, used to is kind of a strong way to put it, but none the less, it's the best way I know how. My friends and I basically grew up together, and were friends since the third grade. Abandoned buildings and places rumored to be haunted always intrigued us ever since we watched videos on the internet. I always used to say to my friends, "Hey! I think it would be cool if we could explore places like those for ourselves!" But where we lived, there wasn't many abandoned or haunted places to explore, so we really didn't get to. We all graduated High School around the same time and we shared a college dorm in the town of Smethport Wisconsin, which was about three or four miles outside of our old town of Bakersfield. Exploring abandoned and haunted buildings was actually pretty fun for awhile.

We would even find things we wanted that were cool enough to take for souvenirs. There would be even times when we would legitimately get frightened out of haunted placed and the next day laugh about it, we were having the time of our lives. One day, however, that all changed when Johnny came running into our dorm with an extremely huge grin on his face. Johnny then proceeded to shove his phone into Stacy, Tyler and I's faces. "I may have just found the perfect place for us to explore!" Johnny said with pure excitement. "What're you talking about John?" Stacy and Tyler asked in unison. Me being a little skeptical, took Jonny's phone and proceeded to read aloud the news article he had found. 'Collinsworth Insane Asylum That Was Shut Down in 1956 is the supposed new hotspot for horror seekers and ghost hunters alike.' The details of the article were brief. It was shut down because of allegations of inhumane research testing and treatments that were spreading like wildfire and finally, the government saw that they were true, and cut the facility's funding and within a year, they were shut down for good.

"It sounds a little too good to be true." said Stacy, Tyler and I nodded our heads in agreement. "But Danny's always said that we should explore abandoned and haunted places. Well, this place sounds like an amazing combination of both. I even took the liberty of looking this place up." He pulled out a printed image of the place, and from the looks of it, it was huge! "How far away is it from here?" Tyler asked. Johnny thought for a moment, "It's only about ten miles from here. I know because I drove by there when you three went to Stacy's parent's new house to help them move in. It looks way creepier in person. I even heard it has a graveyard with unmarked graves." He said the last part as creepily as he could. "I also think it would be even cooler if we were to spend the entire night there as well." Johnny added. We looked at each other for a moment. Finally after thinking it over for a couple minutes, we agreed to go with Johnny that weekend. On the days before the big adventure we planned, we went to our local supermarket for a few things, flashlights, lanterns, batteries, snacks and some sleeping bags.

Then the day finally arrived and we loaded up the van with all our gear and we set off, I checked the time as we pulled out of the University parking lot and saw that it was exactly 7:30 PM and the sun was already setting. By the time we got there it was 9 O'clock, the sun had gone down and it got dark rather quickly. For the life of me, I don't know why we left the van at the beginning of the Asylum's driveway but, I guessed Johnny wanted to amp up the creep factor, which worked by the way, but we walked down the dark entrance way that was lined with big oak trees on either side, blocking out the moon. As we expected, and like Johnny said, it was huge. We walked up towards the giant iron gate that was slightly ajar and creaked and groaned as it slowly swung back and forth. "I don't think we should do this." Tyler said quietly. Stacy nodded her head in agreement, but managed to choke out, "But, we're already here. It would've been a waste of fuel to come out here, look at the building only to call it quits and go home." In hindsight, I wish we had listened to Tyler. We all picked up our things and with a loud and long creak, we opened the huge iron gate and made our way to the front of the asylum.

The first thing that kind of caught me off guard, was that the front doors were knocked clean off their hinges and laid on the floor, as if someone or something big slammed through them. We turned on our flashlights and we all slowly walked inside the dark room. I shone my flashlight around and noticed we were standing in the reception area of the asylum. The walls were white in color with a peeling red line in the middle. "We should find somewhere to bunker down for the night, before we start our exploration." Stacy said. We all agreed to used the medication office on the second floor, so we all started towards the stairs and started to climb. After climbing two flights of steps, we finally made it to the second floor and made our way inside the medicine office, we then laid our sleeping bags on the floor in a circle, lit the lantern and placed it in the middle of the floor. "So, where do you think we should explore in this place first?" Johnny asked, we all shrugged our shoulders, and asked Johnny if he had a map. He pulled it out and we looked it over and decided to just go ahead and explore the entire facility, after all the night was waning and we wanted to see as much as we could before we had to leave in the morning, so we agreed and we set off.

It was about 11:00 PM when we got to the main holding cells of the insane people. Other than the lights of our flashlights, it was pitch black and quiet as could be in there besides our breathing. We explored that building from top to bottom, well almost the bottom, with Johnny disappearing and jumping out at us scaring the living shit out of us, we'd laugh it off. Hell, we even tried to get him back a few times, but it never really worked. We even heard weird and spooky sounds, even though they frightened us, we tried to debunk them as wind or things like that. I wish that were the case. I even wished I could say that this exploration went without a hitch, but I'd be lying if I said that it didn't. When we all got to the basement level of the asylum, which is where the complicated systems of winding tunnels were, I immediately felt as if someone or something was watching the four of us and didn't want us there. Stacy must've pick up on that as well as she started to shiver, "I...I think we should go back to our sleeping area and start getting some rest before we have to drive another ten miles back to our dorm." Johnny just huffed, "Oh come on you three, stop being such pansies! I want to see where these tunnels go and find out what's in these different rooms."

He then laughed, " I even suggest that we split into teams of two, I'll go with Tyler, and Stacy, you and Danny go together. Tyler and I'll go right, and you two will go straight." Stacy, Tyler and I dreaded the idea of splitting off, I could feel the presents of something that didn't feel quite right. "Johnny, you're absolutely nuts! You've watched countless horror movies with us to know that it's a fucking horrible idea to split up, even into teams of two. What if there's something unnatural and evil down here that wants to eat us? What if there's a killer, what if-" Stacy was cut off by Johnny's uproarious laughter, "Really Stacy? Are you serious? Those movies are fake as fuck and you know it. There's nothing down here but us. You'll be fine. You're not gonna get killed or eaten. Quit being a little bitch." And with that, Tyler and Johnny disappeared into a tunnel to our right, while Stacy and I went down the tunnel in front of us. Stacy and I walked for what seemed like an eternity, I checked my watch, it was 3 O'clock when I heard a clang as I walked into a big steel door. I rubbed my head as I shined my flashlight on the door. There was a placard above the door that read 'Morgue', and spray painted on the door was the words, Warning Stay out. I looked at Stacy who was still shaking slightly.

I reached my hand towards the handle and turned it with ease, opening the door. The smell of death and sharp smell of blood filled our nostrils, I shined my flashlight into the room and almost vomited. Bodies and blood were everywhere and looked relatively fresh. Some of the bodies were mutilated so badly, that their blood and entrails were scattered all over the floor, walls and ceiling. I shined my light over to the corner of the room where the freezers were, hunched over in the corner tearing into one of the many fresh corpses was something that looked like a tall man about seven to eight feet tall, wearing a deer's skull, only it wasn't... the jaws of the skull were moving while it devoured the corpse's flesh. I tried to move but I couldn't, this thing stopped and suddenly, with movement too quick for anything natural to move, it stared directly at Stacy and I, it's teeth covered in bright crimson gore of it's victims. Then with a loud, terrifying shriek, it suddenly jumped up and charged at us.

I quickly closed the door as fast as I could, grabbed Stacy's arm and ran down the dark tunnel, listening to the steel door being knocked clean off it's hinges, followed by another piercing roar and thunderous footsteps as the thing chased after us. After running for what seemed like hours, we finally ran into Johnny and Tyler who were exploring the asylum's hospital wing just off of the tunnel they were in. "We have to get out of here now!" Stacy screamed, I turned to her and covered her mouth with my hand, "You need to be quiet or else that thing will attack us and we'll never get out of here." Johnny looked confused, "What the fuck has you two so riled up?" I told him about the morgue, the fresh corpses with their blood and entrails strewn around the room like twisted piñatas. I then proceeded to tell him about the monster that chased us. Johnny looked as though he understood, then he began to laugh loudly. "You're just trying to scare me back right? I'm gonna walk outside this door and prove to you that your so called 'monster' isn't real." Stacy and I desperately tried to warn him to stay in the room but to no avail.

He stepped out into the hall and shined his light all around. We hid in the old lockers when we heard that thing give out that damned shriek! The monster tackled Johnny to the floor as we watched helplessly inside the lockers as it tore through his stomach with it's claws, pulling out Johnny's entrails. Johnny screamed in agony as the thing was tearing him apart, eating what it could. Poor Tyler was next to go. Tyler tried to run from the room but his efforts were quickly shattered as the monster lunged at him, ripping his head from his shoulders with a sickening ripping sound. As I saw that it was distracted I told Stacy that we were going to try to make a run for the exit. We quickly got out of the lockers and we ran past the beast and ran for our lives down the dark corridors. As we ran we could hear that the thing was no longer distracted with it's latest meal, it was now chasing us down once again. Every door me and Stacy ran across during our escape attempt, we would slam shut behind us, only to hear them get busted down. We ran up the flights of stairs as fast as we could go until we finally made it to the first floor we entered the building.

Stacy and I slammed the stairwell door shut behind us and ran through the non-existent front doors and through the gate. Stacy and I had made it halfway down the drive way when Stacy stopped. I stopped and turned to see what she was doing, "Run, Danny! Run!" she screamed but before I could say anything, I heard the shriek again as the beast quickly made it's way to her and immediately started to tear her apart. I ran as fast as I could, her devastating screams echoing behind me. When I got to the van, I started it and immediately floored it as fast as I could back to the university. The next day, everyone was wondering where, Stacy, Tyler and Johnny went, I lied and told them I didn't know where they had gone. One day while I was studying for the upcoming exams, a news bulletin came on saying that numerous bodies were found inside the asylum, most were the ones inside the morgue. My friends bodies were all found inside the hospital wing where we were hiding. After seeing them all dead again filled me and continues to fill me with sadness, especially Stacy. I wish I could've helped her, even though if it weren't for her sacrifice, I'd be dead along with them.

But to anyone who's reading this, I ask that you please, stay the fuck away from Collinsworth Insane Asylum. There IS an evil that lurks there, and it will stop at nothing until you ore anyone else you're with is dead. I survived because of Stacy's sacrifice. If you do decide to go there to see for yourself...

Don't say I didn't warn you.