My owner has had me since she was a little girl. She loved me, stroked me, and named me Bailey Bead. She just referred to herself as "Mama", so that's what I'll call her. Oh, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I am Bailey Bead, a toy sheepdog with a little plastic sunflower in my fur. I was the mascot for my owner's channel, named after me! I loved being in front of the camera while my owner talked about cartoons or some shit like that. We both loved the attention that I would get, the positive comments and feedback we would both receive. We thought that it would never end.

It ended eventually, in 2020. COPPA ravaged YouTube, destroying many channels and forcing many people to retire from their YouTube career. Mama was so distressed! I hated seeing her so upset, but I couldn't do anything about it. I tried suggesting that she should mark the videos as 13+, but did she listen? Of course not! She gave up on the channel entirely and went to some place called Geoshea's or something like that. There, she called herself RainbowChalkSiamese became a writer of lost episodes. There was no need for me.

I sobbed, feeling left behind. Mama left me in a drawer to gather dust, with nothing to do. She got all of the positive feedback, while I was left to die with the other toys she no longer played with.

"Dammit, Mama!" I thought. "She will pay! She will pay!" I wished, hoped, and prayed for revenge. One day, however, I noticed something strange. I could move! My paint cracked, causing my legs and mouth to separate. I moved my legs and jaw around, enjoying the feeling before making another realization. I could now talk! I was enjoying babbling, until I heard the door open. Mama had returned to the room.

Quickly, I formulated a plan to make her pay. To get her attention, I growled as loud as I could. No luck. I walked around the drawer, banging on the walls. That got her attention.

"Must be a rat," Mama murmured, opening the drawer before making the unsettling discovery that I was there, moving about!

"Miss me, Mama?" I asked, smirking as Mama's mouth hung open in horror. "Or shall I say RainbowChalkSiamese? You've made things so difficult, you know."

"Y-you can talk?" Mama stammered, wide eyed.

"Of course I can talk! You've left me in the drawer for so long that my paint cracked. Do you wanna know how it feels to have a messed-up face?"

"N-no! Look, I'm sorry I left you, but-"

"No buts! You're not sorry at all, are you?" I tilted my head, waiting for a response.

"B-but I am! I still think of the good times that we've had, and- ow!"

I was clawing my way up her leg, on my way to her face. "And what? And you wanted the limelight to yourself? I thought so!" Mama didn't confirm or deny this as I finished clawing my way up to her shoulder.

"How did you do that? You're a toy dog. You have no claws!" Mama had made a valid point, but this was no time for anyone to make valid points except me.

"Shut your ass up! Now," I leaned into her neck, "do you want a messed up face like mine?"

"N-no," the teenage girl stammered meekly. I leaned in and grinned. Oh, it felt good to grin for the first time!

"Well, too bad!" I slashed Mama's face, right on her petite little nose. "Now, was that so bad?" She shook her head. "Well," I grinned again, "it's about to get worse!" I continued clawing and biting at her face until her once lovely mug was disfigured and mutilated. Mama decided that she had enough and grabbed my body with one hand and my head with the other.

"Listen here, you little shit," Mama growled through her puffy lips, "you will stop this, or else I will pluck your little head off!" I growled, grinning once again, and bit her on the thumb, causing her to drop me. I crashed onto the bloody carpet, struggling to get back up. I climbed into her pants, moving in a speedy fashion, and dodging Mama's every move.

As I finally got back up to her neck, I slashed her throat, causing her to die from blood loss. Mama was no more. Now, as I type this with my tiny paws, I laugh as I think of Mama's undoing.

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