My Inevitable Fate

I'll briefly describe who I am and what's going on: my name is Caruso. I'm just your stereotypical, lowlife bozo who's got nothing going for him in the social sense. I'm posting this massive document as a record of the events that had unfolded. It's up to the reader's interpretations of whether or not any of this occurred.

This all happened because of that one crazy bitch whom I once shared a fond relationship with, only for her to devastate my life through her cultist shenanigans. This is just the glimpse of my situation; I'm not seeking attention, sympathy, whatever. I posted this as a means to warn others of certain people with certain agendas. Unfortunately for me, I happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It's a miserable Monday. Thankfully, I'm in my senior year of high school, so it's just one more year of putting up with schmucks too vulnerable to the slightest bit of criticism. My phone's alarm goes off, notifying me to get up and get ready for my weekly repetitive life. Ugh. I let out a heavy sigh, one that's remarkably heavier compared to my previous ones. My lack of care for my physique is pretty obvious from my unkempt hair and my acne-riddled face. I mean, I wasn't one to care much for my physical appearance, especially since I mostly kept to myself during school, withdrawn from the hordes of extroverted kids who seem pretty content with their lives.

I did my usual morning routine, you know, hygiene, breakfast, yadda yadda. I fed my furry pal, Toby, an adorable abandoned beagle I rescued from the throes of some run-of-the-mill junkyard. Thankfully, I had managed to rescue him right before his shit-for-brains owner realized his dog-fence protection needed a little more protection. In pure honesty: Toby was probably the only source of happiness I had at the time. It's no wonder why the dog is man's best friend. Of course, all things -- good and bad-- must end: I chased the other students reaching the school bus as soon as I finished refilling Toby's bowl with his favorite food.

Ugh, my least favorite class is history. I almost got after-school detention for falling asleep when the class would assume its session. Yes, it was that boring. In spite of my horrible lack of interest for this particular subject, I had to "pass" this in order to graduate, so I begrudgingly had to feign interest.

I set my belongings down, wanting to get this day over with, especially with this class. Today, my teacher, Mrs. Fatima, was going to do some boring presentation of historic wars, but somehow her projector wouldn't function, so she opted to present the subject in her traditional capacity: using the school's shitty chalkboard.

I did not want to put up with her intolerable slow handwriting, nor did I want to be subject to her monotonous teachings of wars of God knows when over God knows what. When a particular subject does not stimulate you in the slightest, you tend to lose track or worst, fall asleep. I had done both and gotten reprimanded for it multiple times. It is what it is.

"It's probably not plugged in," I remarked, witnessing the clearly unconnected cable merely inches away from the closest outlet.

"Oh, thank you, Mr. Rossi." Mrs. Fatima replied. Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Then I saw her. A lone girl, presumably my age (18) keeping to herself away from the regular class kids. I thought she looked pretty: her long, black hair reaching her shoulder blades; her smooth pale skin complementing her crystal blue eyes, ones that automatically paralyze you from staring at such beauty, though it was pretty obvious she was socially excluded, given the fact that she sits desks away from the other students, just like me. She was that one female dressed in gothic attire, much too typical.

Meanwhile I'm just your slightly overweight bozo with no physically redeeming qualities.. I had a swift dose of reality checks as soon as I came into view with her. Her astonishing presence intimidated me, to say the least. Despite my unattractive appearance, I huffed & puffed and said to my self "YOLO." I mean, fuck it, right? The worst she can do is just shoo me away, and I'm used to that, so why not? God, I'm pathetically sad. But, hey, at least I acknowledge my insecurities, oh well.

As I walked up to her, I clear my throat and all of sudden she gestures me to sit next to her. "You find me attractive, I know. Oh, and by the way, we're not fucking," she jested to me. I rolled my eyes from her response, but didn't give much thought. Perception is reality, I suppose.

"Erika I know you're Caruso, heh." She suggested.

"Yeah, thanks, I guess?" I asked, confused and slightly surprised that anyone would even know my name.

"What made you come to me anyway?" Erika asked. "To fuck you, that's what I specifically came to you for. Just so I can say hi and fuck you." I muttered sarcastically, trying to elicit a laugh from her. And I did. She let loose such a cute smile, one that I'll never forget.

Mrs. Fatima had been pulled to some mandatory conference session from the principal, so I suppose this would be a great time to make some small talk with somebody, especially with a girl! I was clearly trying way too hard to style my already-disfigured physique. Erika rolled her eyes and just gave me her number, just like that.

I deliberately presented myself to her in a humiliating manner, shaking my hips back and forth. "You like?" I asked.

"I like. I don't care how you look, as long as you're a decent friend, we're good." She added.

It's been a year since I've met Erika. For once, I actually felt genuine love for someone. The kind of love you have for one, in spite of their flaws, differences. This is the woman whom I'd definitely marry, all things considered. However, in the grand scheme of things, not everything will go your way, unfortunately. This truth was hard enough to bite let alone swallow.

Erika and I graduated on time (thankfully) together. We had conveniently decided to attend the same university together, as we had considered marriage upon earning our degrees. This was the perfect time to spend together, now that summer vacation was soon to begin.

Erika invited me to stay with her for the entire duration of the summer, so of course, I naturally obliged. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend time with their significant other, especially when you have the perfect chance to do so? I packed my belongings accordingly, and off to Erika's I went.

I did the usual stuff, y'know, after arriving at someone's residence: arrived, settled and stuff, so I decided to just fuck off, whatever. I rested my decent HP Pavilion laptop on Erika's living room desk. However, right before I could even turn it on, Erika called me to her room, so I sighed and marched over there.

My girlfriend was seemingly an open and honest person, but when I entered her room, I was taken aback. Her room was decorated to the brim with Satanic memorabilia: pentagrams, goat statues, 666 posters, you name it. I bet my neighbor's retirement funds that Erika had every imaginable demonic/Satanic entity existing in some manifestation.

Out of curiosity and slight fear, I muttered out, "Hey, what is all this?" To which Erika responded: "Oh, y'know, I'm a Satanist."

I didn't understand why she hadn't told me this in the first place, though her excuse (understandable) was her fear that she might scare me away, to which I told her I'm a devout atheist, nor do I care for one's religious preferences as long as they fall within the fine lines of morality. For some reason, Erika had always assumed I'm some devout Christian, haha.

Before we got together I kind of wish I could've explained to her about my atheism. I didn't want my lack of belief to offend her in any way, so I withheld that info from her. I had braced for the worst, expecting she might end things or something, I don't fucking know.

"We good, yo?" I quietly asked.

"Mhm." retorted Erika, with that same lovable smile.

"Caruso, hey uhh, ya got any pets?" She asks. This guilty feeling of not disclosing my pet, especially after being with Erika for a seemingly long time, slightly ate me up, but it's whatever.

"Yeah, I got a Beagle dog named Toby. He probably has ADHD since he's always so excited and energetic, but I love the fuck out of that ball of fluff." I answered Erika.

"And before you ask, yes, I'll bring him here so that he can stay with us throughout our vacation." All of a sudden, Erika asked if I would allow Toby to stay with her for the night, prior to me settling in her house.

"Just for a night. I'd figure I'd get an idea of how he'd be, especially since he's staying with us, you know?" She pleaded.

I was confused on why she'd ask this abruptly, but knowing Erika and her last minute calls, it ain't no surprise. So me being a decent boyfriend, I, of course, agreed to letting Toby stay with her for that night. I went home and brought Toby to Erika. Toby wagged his little tail, went up to Erika and licked all over her, displaying his affection towards his newly made friends.

"Awwww, he is so So SOOO adorable~!" Erika squealed with pure excitement. I kissed Erika and Toby goodnight and prepared to return home. Why was I going home instead of staying with these two? I just wanted to sleep in my own home one final day before I settle with Erika for the entire summer. She was made aware of this and saw no issue with it, so she'd obliged and I carried on. I returned home for that one final night.

The next morning was an event I totally unexpected. My phone was spammed with dozens of missed voice calls, but no follow-up messages whatever reason. I regarded this as one of Erika's last minute antics, but decided to check up on what she needed from me anyway. Out of mere reluctance due to my laziness, I dialed her back.

The phone rung for a minute or so, before she picked up.

"CAR-CARUSO, TOBEY IS GONE! TOBEY IS MISSING! TOBEY IS FUCKING GO-GO-GONE!" yelled Erika, seemingly panicked from that sudden circumstance.

Confusion and anger had arose in me. I needed to what in tarnation was going on:

"What the fuck do you mean he's gone, huh?"

"Car, all my doors and windows were locked and secured! there's no possible way for him to just, y'know, be gone!"

"What kind of fuckery is this, Erika? Listen, I'm on my way to your house. You're gonna explain to me just what the fuck happened."

"I-I, what--" I abruptly killed the call, terminating Erika's attempted response.

I dashed for my car and thrusted the keys into the ignition. "HURRY THE FUCK UP AND TURN ON!" I yelled at my dashboard, desperate for any sort of explanation. In a fit of rage and uncertainty, I sped to Erika's home and luck was my on my side since no cop pulled me over.

I walked to her door and desperately contained myself not to pound the fucking thing to oblivion. She answered and I invited myself in by pushing past her. I look around the area with no obvious traces of Toby.

"What's the fucking meaning of this? WHERE IN THE FUCK IS TOBY?!" I raged at Erika.


Bewildered, perplexed by her response, I had to reply.

"Things beyond your reach? THINGS BEYOND YOUR REACH? I TRUSTED YOU TO NOT HAVE MY DOG DISAPPEAR! How in heaven's name can you fuck up such a simple task? OF COURSE I'M GOING TO YELL AND CUSS AT YOU! YOU LOST MY DOG! Toby was here! I leave him with you, and now he's fucking missing, all thanks to you!"

"HE JUST LEFT! Get the fuck out of my house. I never want to see you again. I'm sorry for 'losing' your pet, but HE JUST VANISHED! I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU EVER AGAIN!" Erika yelled back, obviously guilty of her negligence.

My nose sniffles from the sudden loss of my dog, along with my thick tears forming, flowing down my face. I didn't know what to say.

With such a loss for words, I made me way out of Erika's house. I drove home with my face devoid of any emotion. Sitting on my living room chair, I sighed heavily and stared at my ceiling for what seemed like a hellish eternity . Sigh after sigh, grunt after grunt, I was expecting, no, I was hoping to receive some sort of disclosure from Erika.

The next morning, I had a few missed voice calls from her. Of course, I dialed back and checked up to see what she wanted.

"You left your computer here. I packed it for you. It's in my room. House is unlocked and I'll be napping in my living room. Hurry up." Erika muttered.

"Whatever. Don't look at me." I replied, hoping to give that prick a piece of my mind.

I had nothing really going on that day, or fuck, the day after, so I returned to her place. I made my way inside and headed straight for her room. Looking around Erika's room plastered with her worship of the devil, it was nowhere to be seen.

My attempts to locate my computer were pretty futile, so I left Erika's room and woke her up from her nap.

"Did my computer somehow vanish too?"

Erika looked at me dumbfounded. "Shut the fuck up. It's in my room, just check harder" She retaliated. In her defense, I didn't put much effort into locating the whereabouts of my computer since I wanted out of that damn thing.

"I checked all over your roo-you know what? Fuck it, I'll check again." I muttered. Erika didn't say anything as she resumed her nap. I ventured into her creepy room once more, looking for that computer. Oh, hey, wouldn't you know it, I found it. The damn thing was sitting on her room chair. How I missed that was beyond me, but I spared no second leaving her room at last.

With the PC in my hand, I started to head back to my house. As soon as I was in, I set the laptop on my desk. I sighed, feeling emotional exhaustion overwhelm me. The thought of my dog mysteriously disappearing, AFTER I leave him with my girlfriend was pondering my subconscious.

What the fuck was I thinking? There's no way, no reasonable explanation for my dog to suddenly disappear like that. How on earth could I just regard it as Erika's negligence?

Why didn't I set up any 'missing dog' posters around my neighborhood? I didn't want to.. I just couldn't deal with the memories I had with Toby, now that he's gone.

I obviously had to do something; I wasn't going to just take Erika's word for what had occurred. Fuck no, fuck that. I did what any other reasonably intelligent person would do: I dialed her.



"Obviously you are suffering from hearing problems, so I'll try again: WHERE'S MY GODDAMNED TOBY? WHERE DID HE WANDER OFF TO? AND WHERE'S MY CUT OF YOUR NEW ACTION? You are making an idiot out of me, Erika, and I'm not laughing yet."

I hung up from this consuming exasperation. Why did I become so aggressive and condescending? Erika had my dog vanish off the face of this earth, that's fuckin' why.

I wanted to temporarily subside these feelings of intense hatred and anger. In an attempt to do so, I powered up the laptop, hoping I won't dwell on these feelings for too long.

Something seems to be odd here, like something seems out of place. There were two administrator accounts, and the lock screen had a completely different background picture. Not only that, I don't remember making a second admin account or changing the lock screen photo.

I've come to a sudden realization: this is most certainly not my laptop. I banged my fists on my desk from frustration.

"Jesus Christ, I'm so fucking stupid!" I muttered. It was obvious that this wasn't mine to begin with; the laptop was a separate model, and there was a physically attached webcam, too.

This was clearly Erika's. Fuck, there's a small pentagram sticker on the right side corner of the keyboard. The idea to search the contents of her laptop had suddenly hit my mind: I mean, I knew it wasn't the right thing to do, but I was curious to see what her PC might hold. Perhaps some fucked up thing like a cookbook of human recipes, maybe?

I tried to gain access to her PC, but of course, I was prompted to enter a password. Surprisingly, a 4-digit PIN was only required, so it shouldn't take too long to guess her PIN. I tried '1999", Erika's birthyear, and it worked. It was literally that easy!

I opened up File Explorer and decided to see what contents she might hold. Much to my surprise, every folder, to include her documents, was empty. "Why is her laptop nearly empty?" I asked myself.

Out of defeat, I had checked her Recycling Bin for anything of interest: "Deleted Video(s): TS.WMV1, TS.WMV2, TSD4R.WMV" displayed on my screen. In all my infinite wisdom, I recovered said videos and dullishly clicked on the first one (presumably): 'TS.WMV1'.

My heart almost sunk to my intestines. The video was showing Erika playing with Toby. The video looked as if it were filmed via VHS. "Memories" was titled in the concluding section of the video, which was weird because Toby spent only 1 'night' with Erika, but whatever.

I proceeded with the next video, labeled 'TS.WMV2'. It seemed like a continuation of the previous video and had the same VHS-esque quality, so I didn't pay much focus on that. The video went black, and suddenly returned with Erika knelt down, injecting some sort of paralyzing chemical into Toby. I paused the video for a brief moment. From the get-go, I knew she was up to something despicable. As much as it hurt me, I had to find out.

My eyes widened with such confusion and intense hatred for that psycho bitch. What the fuck was she doing with TOBY?! SHE LIES TO ME AND HAS THE AUDCAITY TO PLAY THE FUCKIN' VICTIM? All these horrible possibilities were flooding my mind.. what is going on? At that moment, I accepted Toby's death as a strong possibility. I was not wrong.

I resumed the video. The screen cut to black again and reappeared with Toby unconscious. Erika was wielding a thick cleaver and proceeded to dismember all of Toby's limbs, to include his head. The dog's blood stained every bit of her skin. The video ended.

I was gawking at the computer screen, flabbergasted at what I just fucking saw. I discovered the unbearable fate of my dog. Erika was behind this whole clusterfuck, and I was stupidly oblivious to it. I blamed her for Toby's disappearance, but I haven't considered that she had grotesquely disemboweled him. My face twitched. I wanted to bash Erika's face in. I wanted to make sure she had a closed fucking coffin for her funeral.

I wanted that bitch to fucking pay.

"TOOOBBYYY!!" I yelled. Gallons of tears were streaming down my face as I cried into my arms. I raised my head, wiping away these tears so that I can proceed with the final video, 'TSD4R.WMV'.

What I saw would forever scar my impression of Toby. What I saw would forever have me wonder the limits of immorality.

Erika proceeded to paint some pentagram with Toby's blood. She placed each of Toby's limbs on each point, and repositioned the limbs in a certain direction. Afterwards, she had placed his eyeless head in the center. I had almost barfed from Toby's eyeless, severed head. What the fuck was wrong with Erika?

The video ended.

I immediately made copies of the videos and stored them in my Google Drive, before deleting the main ones, and powered off Erika's laptop. I tried to disregard what I had just witnessed, but obviously that wasn't going to just magically disappear.

I went back to Erika's house. I saw her standing in her kitchen from her outside window, and had invited myself in. Whatever, I didn't give a shit.

"What happened to Toby?"

To which she responded, "What?" feigning ignorance.

"You heard me, don't play fucking stupid with me, man. Where the fuck is Toby?"

At this point, I was fighting every ounce of urge to beat the fucking bitch beyond recognition.

"Get your laptop and get out my house. I'm not doing this with you," Erika retorted.

I pushed Erika onto her kitchen wall and went in her face:


Erika responded with a look devoid of any emotion. She smirked. "Of course," she said. "The Prophecy is being completed. You'll soon join him, as you will me."

"Fuck you, you stupid fucking bitch!" I yelled back at Erika, throwing a punch at her mouth. I leveled myself to her waist and wasted no time explaining what was going to happen:

"How could you do something so fucked up? HUH?!. I abhor your fucking existence. I will delete you from my fucking life! If you ever try that kind of shit on me or any of my loved one, I will fucking murder you. GOT IT?" I threatened.

It's been a week since the occurrence of that confrontation. All traces of Erika had been immediately removed the following day.

I can't wrap my head around why Erika would do something so despicable. I didn't really think much of her beliefs since I'm not religious in any way, nor did I have any knowledge revolving around Satanism/demonism, whatever. I had no idea that she would go through great lengths with her depravity.

I couldn't sleep during those nights; a combination of hatred, anger, and sorrow had penetrated my skull. I had lost my childhood furry friend. I had seen his horrible tragedy. I trusted such a psychotic, manipulative whore to care for my dog, watch after him, only for her to completely eviscerate him.

I should've beaten the bitch to a bloody pulp, but I hadn't. I had evidence to file charges against her, but she could much easily turn the tables around and have me brought up on second-degree assault. I didn't want to take my chances, so I said fuck it and tried to move on.

Summer vacation was halfway done, I had a sweet part-time gig with helping customers troubleshoot their computer problems. Life was slowly but surely treating me well, curing me from my painful past. That was, until I got a letter in the mail. It was from Erika.

I half-assed the opening of the envelope, and took the letter out. Of course the letter was from Erika with no address, but there was a return to sender stamp, so I decided to follow through the letter's reading:

"Dear Caruso J. Rossi, it's me, your dear Erika. I know you have seen the videos of Toby's sacrifice, given your reactions after our confrontation.

I know that my sacrifices have caused you to resent me. However, I have used Toby as a vessel to complete a portion of a certain ritual you are unfamiliar with. That is besides the point. This letter isn't an apology but a reminder that you will soon join me. I am watching you. ;)

Yes, we will be together forever. No, you do not have a choice. I'm able to track your whereabouts, those you know, what you feel. Don't waste your time trying to avoid me; you'll just be delaying the inevitable.

You do not have a choice.

You do not have a choice.

You do not have a choice.

Love, Erika Abaddon"

My eyes peeled with dread, knowing in that moment, I know I had to do my utmost best to immediately leave any area associated with her. My life's in danger. This bitch wants to fuck me up. I am not stupid, nor will I lose to some demonic-wannabe-edgy bitch whatsoever.

I deleted my online presence on all social media platforms, to maximize the possibility of being untraceable. Not only that, I was scheduled to leave this house anyway. I cancelled my phone and internet plan, changed phone brands, everything I could muster, just to avoid her.

This bitch was probably stalking me with every means, so I rapidly ceased my laziness. I had to think and fast, and so I did. All my unnecessary and miscellaneous belongings were disposed of, whereas my tech were kept.

I know, I know. You're all probably thinking why I didn't call for law enforcement services. Like I said, Erika could fuck me up with assault of any degree. My record's clean and smooth, and my job prospects with IT were beginning to prosper, so I didn't my personal affairs interfering with my professional development. That's capitalism for you.

"If you see some female wearing gothic-creepy-whatever clothing who's trying to pull off some dumb shit, come find me." I told my cousin Dean, short for DeAngelo. I paid Dean for the inconvenience, despite his refusals to take my money. Dean's a nice guy and all, but sometimes he isn't too bright, and can easily be susceptible to one's whims, so I strongly emphasized the importance of keeping Erika at bay.

I had told Dean under no circumstance will he speak to Erika. He had to come find and notify me because Erika can be manipulative and lie through her teeth.

I had a slightly old camera but it'd definitely capture outside footage that could be used for evidence against any would-be stalkers and the like. "This neighborhood is crawling with assholes," I said out loud as I was positioning and angling the camera. It was kind of a hassle to get it to work, but hey, it's finally set up.

"Aaand..there!" I cheered out loud, wiping away the nonexistent sweat from my brow.

"Dean, don't mess with it. This thing is all I've got to prove to anyone that Erika might be following me around, trying to take me or some other stupid shit. Don't around, please. Please, Dean, you're all I've got."

Dean acknowledged my words with pure sympathy, so I felt relieved. Only for a brief moment. The camera's fully charged and running, so I had let it do its own thing. I went to bed and actually had some decent sleep for the first time after that altercation with Erika.

When I was soundly asleep, Dean was drinking out on his porch listening to some random radio song. After his 10th bottle or so, he was clearly drunk, behaving in a way many drunks do.

The following morning, we had met in the kitchen, and Dean had something to say: in his glimpse, he claimed to have seen Erika standing in front of the porch, while she was waving and blowing kisses to him. As I heard this, I cut him off and told him to pull up the camera's footage.

Much to my dismay, Dean had a confession: he stated his drunken state had caused him to fiddle with the camera's angle which interfered with capturing the footage. He had additionally confessed to walking up to Erika, probably kissing or making some sort of affectionate gestures to her.

"I'm sorry, man. I couldn't help it, bro, I was drunk" Dean apologized.

"There goes my careful planning blown to shit, all thanks to you, Dean! Ya screwed up real good!" I yelled at him. Despite nothing happening that night, I was still wary of Erika's possible whereabouts. Dean insisted we pull up last night's footage anyway, because "maybe it still works". Surprise, surprise, there was no footage found.

The sun had already set, and it was stupid dark outside. I felt ashamed after yelling at Dean, so I stood behind him and genuinely apologized. "Dean, look, I'm really sorry, man. I'll buy us pizza." I insisted.

"uh, I-I-I c-c-can't see..!" Dean muttered. "I can't see, I can't see, I can't see!!" Dean freaked out.

What's the matter, Dean?" I asked, worried about the outcome of our relationship.

Dean turned to me: "What, HOLY SHIT!"

Dean's eyes were missing; they were gouged out, leaving absolutely no trace of them.

"CARUSO, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!" Dean was beyond the breaking point.

"Dude, yo-your eyes! THEY'RE GONE!" I yelled at him, paralyzed by his stunning sight.

Dean was spazzing the fuck out, flailing his arms uncontrollably.


"I'm trying, I don't know what to do" I yelled back. There was nothing within my power to help Dean. He was helpless; he had been slowly but surely consumed by Erika's devilish whims.

Dean had his palms on both sides of his head, gasping out of desperation. I tried to calm him down, but I was powerless to do anything about it. I could not help Dean. He was unfortunately doomed to perish, all thanks to fucking Erika.

All of a sudden, the lights went out and the absolutely darkness that had followed consumed every inch of Dean's house. Then the lights returned. Dean's appalling appearance had me on the verge of barfing all over.

His mouth had been stitched shut. Those lips were tightly stitched, leaving no gap whatso-fucking-ever.

I could tell that Dean was crying from the sheer darkness consuming him; he was powerless to fight against his inevitable fate. I stood there, watching him get consumed by the very fucking second. I WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR DEAN'S HORRIFIC DEMISE! I HAD BROUGHT MY PERSONAL MATTERS TO DEAN, AND HE WAS PAYING FOR IT! WHY COULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN ME?

I tried to remain calm so that I could think rationally, but I couldn't. My well-meaning cousin had been dragged to my fucking mess, all thanks to me. Who the fuck was I to complain and bitch about his minor fuckin' mistakes?

"HOW THE FUCK IS ANY OF THIS HAPPENING? WHAT IN THE FUCK, MAN?" I raged, pitying Dean's misfortune.

The lights went out again and as they reappeared, Dean was suddenly gone. I was probably on the brink of insanity, eliminating any chance of logical thinking, but luckily I had somehow overcame that moment.

I had to find Dean. I'm being repetitive, I know, but I can't shake this horrible feeling off my chest: I was, no, am responsible for the possible death of DeAngelo N. Costello.

"Dean, DEAN!" I yelled out. "De-dean, where the fuck are you, man?"

"He's gone." an unknown, yet familiar voice stated. "You won't need to worry about him. Soon, you'll be joining me." Erika said, with a devilish tone.

My eyes widened as I slowly turned towards Erika. This sounds cliched as fuck, but her eyeballs were hollow black with red dots for pupils. That once beautiful smile I was attracted to was now a despicable grin I despise.

I was face to face with Erika. Her presence pierced me with her true form. I couldn't take it anymore. She killed Toby and now DEAN? These agonizing moments were probably my only escape routes, as I tackled Erika, pinning her down with my arms as I knelt on the right side of her body.

"YOU WANT MY SOUL? TAKE IT-NO, EAT IT! EAT IT, YOU SICK, TWISTED FUCK!" I scowled at her, as I rained down as many punches as my strength could muster.

In a split second, I was teleported to Erika's house. As soon as I realized this, I immediately looked around for any possible exit points, but wouldn't you know it, the fuckin' doors and windows were gone! Poof! My heart had never beat so fast in my life, as I was fearing for my own well-being.

I stood there in absolute defeat, coming to grips with the fact that I may as well perish. I wish it were me. I would've gladly died alongside Toby, if Dean hadn't been involved. It's too late. I had to keep going, as there would be time for grieving later, if I manage to make it out alive.

"E-Erika, why are yo-you doing this to me?" My eyes began to water, with the feeling of defeat consuming my very soul. I didn't know what to say, I just wanted answers, closures, fucking anything!

Erika appeared in front of me, staring at me with those hideous fucking eyes.

"Why am I doing this to you? Simple. You trusted me, I trusted you. I knew at some point you'd rid me from your life, moving on without me. I can't accept that! You are the only person whom I dearly love! YOU WERE GOING TO ABANDON ME! But there's nothing to worry about anymore. Soon, we'll perish together. You'll be staying with me for all eternity. The sooner you accept your fate, the better you will feel." You don't have a choice." Erika commented with that same fucking grin.

Erika had pushed me down to the ground, right before she sat on my stomach, facing directly at me. Her eyes wouldn't leave me whatsoever, as I was locked face-to-face with her.

"You were going to leave me," Erika cried, with tears of blood flowing down from their source. She didn't utter a single word after her cries of despair. Erika's predictions were right; eventually, I'd find my desired career path in IT, thus resulting in the end of our relationship. Our consideration for marriage was a fucking joke; I'd probably start becoming distant at every moment, as my career path progresses forward.

The unbearable guilt of Erika's predictions of our future had flooded my brain. I was out of words, I didn't know how to respond in any meaningful way, so I believed that an apology would suffice with mitigating her emotional pain.

"Erika, I am sorry." I apologized with absolute sincerity, shedding a tear.

"Honestly, I had no idea how you even predicted that. I don't know why you would think that is true. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I don't know what to tell you. I am sorry, once again."

I quickly glanced to my left and noticed that the doors and windows somehow magically reappeared. Erika was distracting herself with her misdeeds

"Wha-what have I done? What kind of unspeakable monstrosities had I subjected you to? WHY DID I DO ANY OF THIS?!"

"I forgive you." I replied, letting out a heavy sigh. Erika got off of me and stared at her living room wall, apologizing profusely for what she's done. The main entrance door was still there. I wasted no millisecond second and had bashed the back of her head with a single jab. With all my might, I immediately made a run for it. The door immediately disappeared right after I set foot outside.

My mind was flooded with so many unanswerable questions, things I could've done to prevent any of this. Coulda, woulda, should, I didn't. I couldn't deal with the inexplicable insanity beyond realms of comprehension that had confronted me. I couldn't take it anymore, There had to be some decent explanation for all this crazy shit occurring!

I was not thinking straight in the slightest. I was irritated, annoyed by the lack of answers and reasons for why any of this occurred. Just fucking why?

"COME AND TAKE ME THEN! YOU WANT ME, HUH? JUST TAKE ME THEN, LET'S GET IT OVER WITH, SHALL WE?" I yelled from the outside. No response. I ran to her front door and banged on it, hoping to stir up some sort of provocation. Again, no response, although note was taped on her door somehow.

I had briefly closed my eyes from this total shit-show before picking up the note, which read the following:

"I expected you to have done that. Fine, I'll be temporarily gone, but guess what? I'll be watching your every move in the meantime. Once you're near death, I'll be there, waiting for you. As soon as you take your last breaths on this earth, savoring your final moments of life, I'M DRAGGING YOU DOWN WITH ME. YOUR FATE IS INEVITABLE, CARUSO."

I tore the note to pieces, discarding its remains all over her front porch. I didn't give a shit anymore. I knew Erika wasn't just going to end on a light note there. I knew she wouldn't just give up like that. I had to make some calls and pull some strings so that I could get the fuck out of this neighborhood. I know that psychotic whore will be following me wherever I go, but I wanted to move out, just to feel that satisfaction that she's completely gone, at least for now.

I know Erika's probably watching me type this account. I don't care, it's not a surprise anymore given what she's done. I just want others to know what happened and what will probably happen to me. My fate where Erika captures and confines me to her unknown world is inevitable, but that's probably when I'm dead, unless that bitch is plotting her antics wherever I go. Oh, well, fuck me, right?

I returned to Dean's house. Of course, he's nowhere to be seen. He's gone forever.

I now live in an apartment complex in an intentionally disclosed area, for the sake of my identity and well-being. I don't care how Erika feels about me, whether or not her predictions were true in any way. "Oh, I miss you, baby," Don't.

She gruesomely murdered my fucking dog. Fuck her. Fuck that bitch.

Right now, I'm feeling slightly better, although I have therapy sessions almost every single day. The recurring thoughts of Toby and Dean's horrific fates still agonize and haunt me to this day, especially with Erika being the architect of this whole ordeal.

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