After an investigation of the Salt River Canyon Jail in Salt River, Arizona, an old, yellowing piece of paper was found. It was in an abandoned home in a small town, knows as the Coolidge Complex. The note was written in very wavy cursive and seems to be written hurriedly.


The inside of the Salt River Canyon Jail

“I’ve found myself lying on this floor. This isn’t right, something’s happened. This floor is dirt, there is bright through the cracks in this wooden shack, this is the only way I can describe this. I’ve called out many times, with no avail. This cell is small, and I can see where the key is, but it is out of reach.” (There is a stain here, possibly from tears?)

“I have terrible migraines, they are reoccurring, they hurt, but for a second my vision blurs in them, and I see colors, I see people, I see what used to lie in this shack that I’ve been imprisoned in.”

“I’ve finally used the resources here to reach the keys. I’m now out of the cell and am looking around. The outside is bright, the sun is brighter than I thought, how long have I been inside of that cell? According to the outside of this small building this is a jail, how did I get here? Where am I exactly? It’s very sunny, very bright, and it hurts my eyes, the migraines were gone, but just the sight of the bright lights outside hurt my eyes and give me the same kind of migraines, now I don’t see the colors, or the others, there is just darkness, the places where the people would walk or cry or fight are empty, and the only thing that seems humanoid is a black, burnt corpse, with dark, sunken eyes, staring at me as I stand, shocked and unable to move.”

The words in the next paragraph were mostly misspelled and seemed to be written more slowly. I have left the mistakes alone.

“The bones around me in this prison, they’ve been moving, am I going crazy? Am I insane? Was putting me here on purpose to separte me from society? I’m starting to doubt anything is real. The shadows I see, they’re moving, I sware. I can’t find out where I’ve come from and no one is alive around me, the migrains are only getting worse and I fear the time has come for me to get out of here past the burning sun, past hevan and hell, I will get out of my jail”

The bottom of the page was stained with a few drops of blood.

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