This morning my mom told me this dream she had last night. It started off ordinary enough. She was staying up late reading, when she suddenly heard rustling noises. They were coming from this small cardboard box near the stove. She noticed the bubble-wrap packing material inside was shaking. Thinking that there was a rat moving around inside, she started hitting the packing material with heavy objects, trying to squash the pesky varmint.

Well, I came in, apparently woken up from a deep night's sleep by all the racket that was going on. I then asked her what she was doing, and she told me she was trying to kill a rat. When she lifted up the bubble-wrap to show me... Lo' behold, it wasn't a rat at all! It was a cute little bunny! My mom was horrified at what she done, and I was too. I was screaming and crying my eyes out. However, the bunny was okay, apparently saved from heavy bombardment by the thick cushiony bubble-wrap.


Sorry, I couldn't find the real photo.

Anyway, my mom let me keep it and I took it to bed with me. My mom also went to bed, but then woke up when she heard me screaming. Well, she ran into my room, and I told her the rabbit turned into a black cat. She looked and there was a big black cat near my pillow. However, instead of being freaked out herself, my mom calmly reassured me it was still cute-looking and went back to bed again. However, it was about midnight, when she was jolted out of sleep a third time by my shrill screams. When she rushed into my room and turned on the light, I said, "The cat turned into a big black rat!"

She looked and sure enough, there was a monstrously-huge, black rat crouching next to my pillow.

Written by Mmpratt99 deviantart
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HORROR STORY My Mom s Strange Dream True

HORROR STORY My Mom s Strange Dream True

My Mom's Strange Dream

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