Man in Dat Dere Dark

I've found a new hobby. What a wonderful day it was to discover something to do other than sleep, eat and watch television. I love this activity, it is very fun, yes it is. If only I had a true challenge in the event itself, rather than it only being in hiding evidence from the police that do not understand I am an innocent man with a simple hobby.

The dying screams of the people whose souls I steal is a song to me, a song unlike any other, the perfect song. What saddens me, is my unnecessary rush in my favored activity. Many times now, my victims have already passed through the gates of either heaven or hell before I can so much as hear their songs. Such a shame...I took a singer's soul just last night and killed him too quickly, so I couldn't hear his song. Again, such a shame, I figured his dying screams would be even more perfect. I should really try to slow down the process.

Another thing I simply love about my hobby, is the sight when I close my eyes and lay myself to rest every night. I can see their faces...staring at me as I stare back at them. The only difference between them and I in such a moment, is that I am the only one smiling. I have such the brightest smile, or so it feels. But they just have looks of aggression toward me. It saddens me to know they do not enjoy the activity as much as I do. But I quickly get over it. At least I remain happy.

My favorite thing about this activity, is the popularity I get from it. Yes, the notice. Every time I switch on my television, I see news segments on my hobby and I. It makes me happy to see that I am known and loved in this world by the public. They do not even know me, so they have no reason to. But they know of my work, and that is good enough for me. I wish I could venture out into the public more often, but I cannot go five minutes out there without someone in the local police force trying to bring me in. Ah well, maybe I should pay some of them a visit as well.

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