I have been having awful dreams lately. Just a few minutes ago I woke up screaming. I haven’t done that in quite a while. The funny thing is I haven’t been reading any nosleep lately and I haven’t had time to watch any scary movies. I just moved into a new apartment. It was all kind of sudden since my old living conditions had become too stressful thanks to my roommates. Some of my few best friends now enemies after a few petty arguments, I’m renting a room from a lady in my parent’s church. The dreams feel connected.

I am in an unknown house sitting at a table. A man has recently hung himself in the room, still swaying from his final struggles and smelling of death. The door opens and in walks a girl with blood dripping from her eyes. She is holding an axe. She looks up at me with brand new eyes that clearly do not belong to her, and I wake up.

That was yesterday’s dream, tonight it was much worse.

I am in the unknown house again, this time I am with some familiar faces. My nieces are cooking in the other room while I am trying to sleep. Suddenly I hear a ball bouncing outside my door. I call for my nieces to stop, but the sound continues. I get up and open the door to see a red ball like children use for kickball sitting on the floor motionless. I look down the hallway and see my two nieces in the kitchen. They seem to be unable to hear me.

The dream transitions to a bright grassy field. At the top of a hill I see a girl in a red poncho facing away from me. I start to walk towards her and am suddenly pushing through a crowd in a city like New York. I spot the girl in the red poncho through the crowd and see that she is holding a red kickball. I walk over to her and she turns towards me finally revealing her face. Blood is pouring down two freshly cut holes in her face where her eyes used to be.

Suddenly my dream cuts to black and feels very real. I am in my room with my eyes shut in my bed. My door is rustling, the walls are rustling, I hear the ball bouncing outside my door only now it sounds like an anvil hitting the floor. I start to scream in a half asleep state knowing the moment I look into my room I am going to see her face. I feel cold breath against my lips and open my eyes.

Credited to Justice_Nugget 
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