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Frequent tense changes, plot is nonsensical and arbitrary.

Sometimes, I question my own sanity. Sometimes, I don't feel like I'm safe in my own mind. I always have these odd sadistic dreams and sleep paralysis demon-like monsters that haunt my me from my mind's own creation.

Well, I used to think like that. I used to be safe, taking full control of my own body. So with my final few breaths, before I fade to nothing, I'm going to tell you how my mind became my own worst enemy. How I got trapped inside of my very own dream by a demon from my mind's very own creation.

It was a Sunday before school, and I had to go to bed early to get enough sleep for the following day. I thought it would be a normal night for me. So, I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and tucked myself into my bed. I slept alone in my room, away from the rest of the bedrooms where the rest of my family slept. I was kind of glad because I had my own little room by itself so I could enjoy a peaceful sleep. Unfortunately, this was not in the very least a peaceful sleep, at all.

I eventually fall asleep, for what feels like a couple of hours. A little bit later, I wake up, and everything seems mostly normal. I'm in my house, and in perfect detail. Everything is there, my family, all of my belongings, even my pets are all acting normally and act as if I am welcomed in the house, as my dog named London licks my hand.

A little later, my family invites me down for breakfast, which I agree to, since everything seems to be going so smoothly. But when we sit down to eat, I feel a slight sense of dread once my butt hits the seat. And things started to get a little strange too, with the food options. I looked in the food cabinet, assuming there would be things in it, since normally we store our food in there. I was right, there was food, but something in there caught my eye as well. At the top shelf there is a pair of sneakers. I thought to myself, why would my family put sneakers in there? After all, it was the kitchen. Right as I look at them though, my mom walks over to get them for me. Which was odd, because all I really did was look at them. It was almost like she was expecting me to try to get them.

My mom then said, "You should go outside and play, with your new sneakers on." Which I agreed to, and didn't think much of it at the time. But she very impatiently pushed me out the door, which was kind of strange, but I just shrugged it of.

I was outside for a little while by myself skipping stones in a creek near my house. But then I remembered my friends. I wondered if I could go and hang out with them. I walk to my friends house, and ring their doorbell. I wait about 20 seconds, but no answer. I knock, wait another 20 seconds, but still no one answers. I decide I'm bored so I walk back to my house. But when I walk inside, no one is there, and the lights are off.

I decide I'm still hungry, since I haven't eaten since I was distracted by the shoes. I turn the lights on, and start making some soup. Which is pretty weird because I really don't know how to make soup. I'm stirring the bowl when the lights started to flicker. I shrug it off but a couple seconds later, I feel a sudden sharp shooting pain through my back. It feels like I've been stabbed, and I scream in agony. But I can't close my mouth. Suddenly my mouth rises up to the ceiling, and my eyes roll to the back of my head. After a while, it stops, and I drop to the floor, helpless and beaten. A demonic cloud of what appears to be smoke emerges from my mouth and materializes in front of me. A demented version of myself appears and starts chasing me.

I started to run through the house, but I had no idea where to go because the other rooms in the house were surprisingly much different. I eventually realized I've been tricked this whole time. I've been forced to go outside, only to come back to a horrible demon. And not even that, I realized I've been tricked by my mind. I run into a familiar room, it appeared to be my bedroom. I closed and locked the door, expecting for the demon to already be in the room, like one of those horror movie cliches where the demon is much faster than you. I don't know why, but out of curiosity, I opened the door. It was almost like I didn't want to go out of the room, but I still did. Had I been possessed again? Suddenly, I feel a hand grab me and I start flailing and screaming. I'm being suffocated in my sleep, and I can't breathe. It feels like my chest is being crushed by a stone lodged inside of my lungs. I start lifting off the ground, and then I'm thrown into a room; a very dark room. I was violently thrown through a window, with glass shattering and piercing my skin. At this point, I'm tearing up and bleeding. I hear the door shut and then, everything goes dark.

So now I'm here sitting in complete darkness. It's almost like I can feel the sensation of my family panicking, trying to shake my lifeless body awake. It's almost like I can hear sirens. And now, I'm sitting in nothing. A big black void swallowing me whole; with nothing left but for my soul to rot in this dreadful utter darkness that is my mind.

And just when I thought it was all just my imagination, everything is gone.

Trapped in your mind