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The moonlight threw rays that filtered through the crowded trees and allowed us to see the path of dry leaves, which Julia and Martín walked on. The two brothers ran frantically, trying to escape from the thing that was chasing them. "Don't stop Julia, don't stop!" Martin yelled gasping when he saw his sister stay behind.

That which followed them was something they could not describe. He was slightly larger and more big than they, he ran on all fours despite having human physiology; his skin was very rare, black in color and with white spots. And the face of the thing, the brothers had not been able to distinguish it due to the blackness of the night. But it sure was awful.

Julia and Martin heard behind them breaths mixed with very heavy and violent moans, it was as if a rabid and giant dog was chasing you.

When the brothers lost strength; and their hearts were about to come out of their chest, is that they finally saw ahead; the big white oak house they were staying in that weekend. As fast as they could, letting out groans of terror, they opened the door, entered, and then slammed it shut, then made it safe.

They were both frozen with fear, trembling and sweating without being able to say a word. They stared at the window at the top of the door to see if the entity appeared, but this never happened. Just then, they heard a flash of lightning and the sound of the rain hitting the house and the leaves of the trees did not wait. There, both heard footsteps dragged on the ground outside, so they both knew that the entity was still close.

With courage, and fear at the same time, Martín leaned out the window to see something, but could not catch the specter. "His footsteps are heard, but I don't see him anywhere" the young man whispered as he looked from left to right and vice versa.

At that moment Martín thought, and said to his sister, “I'm going downstairs and you on the second floor. We must close all the windows with insurance, fast ”. They both divided and fleetingly closed each of the many large windows in the house. However, when Julia was going to close the last window of one of the rooms, she saw that entity climbing in the frame of that window. There the girl saw the emaciated expression of that being, with infinity of stiff wrinkles, with eyes of extreme madness, with two immense hollows as nostrils, and a smile so open and so deformed, that it showed infinity of rows of rotten fangs.

Julia only remained paralyzed and feeling that she was becoming disheveled, while that presence entered the room very slowly, but in this Martin arrived with a huge butcher knife threatening to hurt him. The young man stabbed the air closer and closer to the entity, while dodging them, he jumped away from the window and fell outside in the rain. Julia took advantage of this to close the window.

Both were trembling with fear, and much more Martín, who to tell the truth did not even intend to hurt the ghost, only to scare him, because a stabbing terror invaded him from just touching the being, but while his sister was in danger , would do anything.

They both looked outside, and saw the presence looking up at them, with that same demonic smile. They heard old laughter, and the specter, went around the home.

They both went downstairs and while Julia peeked out the windows, Martin called her grandmother on the phone. But at that moment the boy remembered that in those areas the signal did not even come, the terror was undoubtedly making them reason badly.

The two of them sitting in a corner, only wished with all their might that when their grandmother arrived, the presence was not even outside to harm her. But look at the terror as it is capable of invading you to such an extent, that even more they wished that this creature did not enter the house. They did not care if the grandmother arrived or not, all they asked was that the entity did not catch them.

Thus they stayed for perhaps thirty minutes listening to the footsteps of that being outside, until Julia came up with something, got up and searched the entire house for any sold object that there was. Crucifixes, bibles, candles, whatever.

Then they began to pray without stopping, first they did it in whispers, but when they felt the presence of that one out there, they began to raise the tone of their songs. They heard increasingly loud knocks on the doors and walls, they heard how the entrances were forced, they heard the entity peek out of the windows and even through the window of the main door, but they never stopped praying.

Without realizing it, their prayers went on for hours and hours, so many that the sun began to rise and illuminate everything. The rain had stopped, the sounds of that spectrum stopped, and fear finally left them.

They looked out of the windows, but saw and felt nothing. They decided to challenge luck so they opened windows and unlocked the doors. However, nothing happened, and the tranquility intervened and lasted. Hours later, her grandmother had arrived and the two brothers, almost crying, received her with great affection and told her everything that had happened.

The grandmother took this very badly, she said that according to the physical descriptions of that spectrum, it was Mon Ignacio Greif, the soul of a wizard from many decades ago who passed into the form of a very evil demon, who lived in the places darkest forest.

"We must leave this property, because once that specter discovers a new home, it never stops visiting at night until one of two things happens: either it manages to catch the owners or inhabitants of that home, or until those inhabitants leave that home forever ”. From that same day, everyone left that great and beautiful white oak house.

On the way, already growing dark, the grandmother said to her grandchildren one last thing: If you try to escape from an evil ghost, hide anywhere, go anywhere. But never show an entity the way home.