Hey, guys. I'm looking for some advice. I just married this wonderful guy with a five year old boy named Louie. I've never raised kids before and I haven't had any of my own.

Well, it's been so rough adjusting to this new family life. I've been taking care of Louie since I married his dad back in January, so for six months I've been a stay at home mom. I don't want to sound awful but this kid has been driving me crazy! He's screaming, running around, banging on stuff, and insulting me. I try to tell my husband but he dismisses it as a period of adjustment.

I know our marriage has hit a rough patch. I'm stressed out taking care of this boy and my husband has been working long hours so it's led to fighting. Loud fighting, which wakes up Louie and makes him cranky so he acts out and I get stressed and so on...

Tonight was our six month anniversary and it was supposed to be us. Just us, but our babysitter dropped out and Louie has the flu. So we're at home, and I've been crying for two hours because I haven't been out of the house in months.

This wasn't supposed to be this kind of marriage. I was supposed to be happy with a handsome husband and starting a new family. Have a career then kids. Not trapped with a brat in a prison.

My husband said I was being ridiculous and we got into another fight. On our anniversary!

Then in the midst of our fight, he tells me that I either get my act together or he'll divorce me too. If I wasn't going to take being mom seriously, he had no right to do that to his son.

I guess I shouldn't have clocked him in the head with an aluminum bat. It's too late now though. His cerebellum is all over our "peace be with you" doormat.

Louie saw the whole thing and locked himself in the bathroom. He's crying and shaking and calling out for his mom.

So my question is how do you lure a five year old boy out of the bathroom? I've been trying for half an hour, using his name sweetly and trying to get a stir out of him by telling him that it was a game. I know he can't stay in there forever, of course, but I kind of need to wrap this incident up as soon as possible.

I'll be waiting for your replies.

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