Author's note: This is my very first Pasta on this site so if I made a few mistakes I apologize. Enjoy!

I had just woken up from a short, five and a half hour sleep, after pulling an all-nighter. I was getting up for a trip that I thought was going to be the best happening of my summer. Unfortunately, it was a very disturbing experience.

I was going to visit a friend that I had met on a 4Chan thread on the /b/ board about a year and a half ago. He was asking about this random meme that I had never heard of before; I asked him where he had gotten it from and he replied back saying he had made it. It was a picture of a schoolboy who looked as if he had seen a ghost. The meme was called "surprised oblivious boy."

I loved the meme so much that I had made one of my own a few days later on a meme generator site.

In time, it became the most popular meme on Meme-center and eventually the whole internet. We became great friends afterwards; we exchanged other social website profiles. We even called each other every week to discuss other things beside internet topics, like life and other sorts of things.

After about a year of discussing stories and other interests, he invited me to his house in Virginia, to which I gladly accepted. After all, he seemed like a pretty trustworthy guy. As I was getting ready, I went on Facebook to check my notifications and make a post about where I was going. My 4Chan friend sent me a text asking if I was getting ready to leave for the airport. I said, "No." He sent me a text saying that it was important that I had made my flight. I then asked why and then he said, "Because it just was." I didn't know what I should have said to him after that; it was kind of weird. I've been his friend for about a year and a half and I have talked to him on the Internet and on the phone many times and he is always descriptive about why something needed to be done. I then asked him if he was okay, to which he didn't reply. Things stated to get strange from there on out.

I took a shower, put on my clothes, and left the house without any further communications back to him. I got into my car and drove off. I wasn't even a mile away from my starting destination when there was this horrible accident that unfolded in front of me. A small four-door sedan hit a semi truck head on and then made the sedan fly off the road like it was nothing. I gasped in terror and I actually though it would hit my car as the semi would come at me head on, but it just stopped after the collision.

I had gotten out of my car to inspect the damage and to see if anybody had survived. Everybody in the crash had unfortunately died. The weird thing was that as I was looking at the bodies in the front seat, they were both slouched over and there were innards just lying all on the floor of the driver and passengers side of the car. Small intestines were wrapped around the steering wheel of the car like it was a scarf and the blood lathered the seats like it was paint. As I inspected the back seat of the totaled piece of scrap there was a little boy in his seat, dead with innards hanging out of his body and I almost vomited at the sight. His face was buried in the seat like he wanted to suffocate himself and his blood was just dripping down the seat like a broken faucet.

I was still in shock from the near collision but I was even more terrified by seeing a dead child torn apart in the backseat of the car. All of the bodies were just cut opened, but from what? Shards of glass could of not had made the wounds, the gashes were way too big. It was almost like somebody cut them all open at once, but that could have not been the case because it was a wreck, not a murder. I had walked to the still-in-tact semi truck hoping to talk to the driver if he was still alive. As I approached the truck, I had the feeling that somebody was watching me.

This was a very rare felling I normally do not get.

It was foggy and there were no houses for another 3 miles. I was also in the forest on a 2 way road with no other cars. I looked around and saw nobody so I just continued to walk. I eventually got to the truck and to my surprise, there was absolutely nobody in it. Not a soul. I had no words but to call the police and see what they could do about all of this. I told the 911 operator about the wreck and that I also needed to leave to get to make a flight and she gave me the go ahead to leave. I drove along the road a little while longer and I soon noticed a man on the side of the road.

He had some formal getup on and he stared at my car as I went by. What really made the figure weird was that it was holding a large knife in his hands and it was bloody as hell. He smiled at my passing car and I then sped up. I looked in my rear-view mirror and he had vanished. I thought I was imagining things and shook it off. As I got closer the airport, I realized that I had to find a place to park. It was the afternoon so there were a lot of people leaving work for home and I got caught up in some traffic a few blocks away from the airport parking garage. I pulled up to the garage and I paid my fee to park and I found a spot on the first level. I got out and made my way to the entrance of the building and as I walked inside I was immediately greeted by a woman's voice over a PA system.

"Welcome to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. If you are new to the airport, please check out you luggage at the system of baggage and check in at either the kiosks or the front desk at your designated airline provider." After a few minutes another announcement came on. "Flight 374 to Dulles International departing in ninety minutes." I needed to get to my gate. I went up to one of the kiosk and put in my flight conformation code to get my boarding pass. I hit the start button and a video of a child on a swing came up on the screen. He was in a field swinging with his head down, upset for some reason and then the screen quickly cut to static. I cluelessly tapped on the screen and nothing happened. I called a worker over to help me and he just sent me to the kiosk next to it. That one did the same exact thing but only this time a photo came up. I'd rather not say what it was but it was actually faded into the static this time so it was pretty hard I make out anyway. I thought it was some kind of joke so I just asked the worker to do it for me, absolutely no problems for him whatsoever. "You will be in gate C11. Have a great trip sir!" I said thank you back too the man and I headed on my way.

I made it to the security line and surprisingly, there was no line at all. I put all of my belongings in a tub and I slid them all into the machine so they could be scanned. I made my way over to the those new AIT machines that scan your whole body. There was a TSA member that said to me to step into the machine and position myself with my arms over my head while bending my arms and I did and at the very moment they started scanning me, an alarm went off and you would never believe what they had found in my left pants leg. They found a Bowie knife covered in dark, red blood. the smell of the blood was metallic and it was unusually strong. The TSA worker looked puzzled and he actually started to smile. He looked dead at me and said something I would least expect him to say after finding a weapon from a potential terrorist. "Go right ahead sir." I was frozen. What the fuck is wrong with this place?!" I thought to myself for that nobody seemed to wonder about all of this creepy shit or if I was the one that only experienced all of it and maybe I was crazy, but I soon learned that I wasn't crazy at all, I hoped.

I finally got to the gate I needed to be at and I was pretty damn tired. When I got there, the was even more shit that I just couldn't explain with a plausible explanation. There were these people, just sitting down, Smiling at the wall or the people parallel to whoever they were sitting across from. Their eyes were bloodshot and were abnormally dilated, covering most of all of the white on their eyeballs. Everybody looked as if they were all dead but yet they had died just a day ago. I looked around and everybody else looked healthier and were moving around. Nobody notice the people in my gate but me so I knew for a fact I wasn't crazy because they were real, right? Nobody else seamed to see that because they only saw me and not them for some odd goddamned reason. I grabbed a coffee from a coffee shop not far from my gate and came back immediately after and to my surprise, everybody was still sitting in the same position as they were when I left a few minutes earlier. Only this time, there was a seat available for me.

A seat that had not been there before but just a small table that sat before it. I couldn't understand why or what put it there but because stupid me wasn't thinking at the time, I went ahead and sat down on it. I felt uneasy sitting next to these 'people' or whatever they were, but I had to wait it out and I didn't want to look uncivil sitting on the floor.

"Big fucking mistake." I told myself.

I sat down and beside me to the left was a man. He was dressed formally, actually, everybody was dressed formally. But not in a modern fashion. It was sort of like a 1950's sort of style. Men's hair was gelled and most of the women had hair that was short and curled. The only casually dressed 'humans' in the gate were the children. The younger boys had different colored Polos on and the girls had dresses on. Boys hair was slicked back and the girls were short and curly. But they even had the same feature as the adults when it came to posture and facial expressions. Anyway, he was dressed formally from the 50s. Weird. I started to re-consider and change my flight because of the people that I was flying with but when I went up to the man working at the desk he said that there were no other flights to my destination for another 24 hours. Again pretty weird considering the fact that my departing and arriving airports were both international. I said that was fine and my flight I was originally going to fly on was okay for me. I waited for about an hour in the only available seat in the whole waiting area at my gate. I got bored after awhile and decided to ask the man beside me a question to see if they could at least bring up a good conversation.

"Hey!" I had said to him in a positive tone. He started to slowly turn his head towards me and when his head was about halfway looking at me, it just stopped. His face remained motionless for about a half a second. Then he quickly snapped his head directly at me and just stared into my eyes. I felt an overpowering feeling in my stomach that spread to the rest of my body. I turned my head in the opposite direction for about a second and then looked back at him, he was gone. He just vanished without at trace but for what reason? I didn't question it for fear that he may come back.

When it was time to board I got up and headed to the line where boarding passes were scanned and also where you got on at. When it was my turn I went up to the lady working at the counter and gave her my pass. "Thank you sir and have a good flight!" I had noticed that as I walking to my plane, there was nobody else walking there along with me. Nobody was in front nor behind me as I was the only one in the jet way. As I got to the front door of the plane near the cockpit, there was a flight attendant. She greeted me in a low, monotonic voice. I glimpsed at the cockpit and took a brief look at the pilots. They looked as if they were too dead, but not like the passengers. They were skin and bone and had no hair on their heads. I looked over to my right and to my surprise, everybody was seated. I thought I was going to go insane at that point in time but I kept myself back from screaming because I didn't want to see what those 'things' might do to me if I did. The whole cabin was full except for one chair, it was next to that guy that stared at me then disappeared. My heart was beating at a fast paced and I started to panic. I tried to run out the door I came in but it was too late. The flight attendant already closed the door and the plane started to back away from the airport. The flight attendant calmly told me to sit down and it would all be over soon.

"SIT DOWN!" She told me a second time only this time yelling at me as if I were arguing with her. I just went to my seat without saying anything back to anyone. As I sat down I noticed that there were fold down televisions on the ceilings of the aircraft that were already retracted. Everyone in the cabin was wowed by the technology as I wasn't as impressed knowing that this wasn't new to me. "We will now be showing a safety video required by the FAA. If you are a new to flying, please follow along as this video will only be shown once an again, have a good flight!" I wasn't aware of what to do so I watched it. The video started out pretty normal. Everybody was sitting down talking and getting ready to take off. But suddenly, the video started to become very staticky. As it started to show a woman putting on a life vest, I'm assuming for a water landing, the video cut black. It stayed like that for about five seconds then it cut to a CCTV camera video. The time stamp on the video read exactly 1:30, one hour before my departure time. The video was a security tape of the airport aimed at my previous gate with nobody in it. I looked around at all the other TVs on the flight, they were all playing the same thing. Nobody in the cabin really seemed to care what was playing on the TVs.

They all stared expressionless at the televisions and nobody said a word. I continued to watched the video and to my surprise (sarcastically saying), I eventually showed up on the screen. I checked the gate number and I sat down in the exact chair I sat in waiting for the plane. I wasn't really paying attention but I noticed something odd. Everybody else that sat in the gate area didn't show up on the video tape. The tape was fast forwarded about an hour and it stopped. That was when I asked that creepy guy I sat next to a question, again nobody showed up. Just then a face popped up on the screen and the video cut to black and then ended. It scared the living hell out of me. Again, I would rather not mention. I was about to cry at that point when we taxied out to the runway and took off knowing there was no way off of this crazy ass plane. I was next to a window and I watched as we gradually ascended into the air. I felt tired after staying up all night and only getting 5 and a half hours of sleep earlier today but I refused to. I was scared that those fuckers would get me while I was sleeping but over the course of a few minutes my drowsiness got the best of me, I then woke up.

I looked next to me and there was nobody. I looked up at the ceiling and the seat belt sign was turned off. My window shade was shut so I then opened it, we were grounded. It was cloudy and there was no sign of the sun coming out. The funny thing was that the lights on the plane were off and there was NOBODY on. I got off hoping I had made it to the right destination and my friend would be waiting there for me. I walked down the jet way and this eerie fog was making its way towards me. I made it to the arriving gate area and again, nobody. I knew then something was incredibly wrong. I started to run towards to baggage claim. The fog I was running through wasn't thick enough so I could see the signs as I was running, knowing where to go. I had made it to baggage claim and there were no bags. I heard a loud siren and the conveyor belt started to move. I walked over to it and stood right over top of it. My bag came by, I grabbed it and ran outside. The fog grew even thicker as I made my way out there. I looked back at the airport and there was still nobody, I felt as if somebody was WATCHING MY EVERY, FUCKING MOVE! I got angry and turned back around In front of me and there was a car. It looked like the exact car that crashed into the semi head on, but it wasn't destroyed.

I slowly made my way over to it. I looked in the front seat and I saw two people slouched over dead and blood and guts everywhere. The seat was bloody and entrails wrapped over the steering wheel. I then looked in the back of the car and laying there was the little boy from the accident. He was positioned the same way as he was when I saw him: blood dripping down the seats and again looking like he wanted to suffocate himself. I crawled into the back seat and was about to turn him over but I woke up, only this time I was back in reality.

There was nobody on the plane so I just assumed everybody had gotten off and nobody bothered to wake me up. My window shade wasn't down and it was sunny, there were no clouds. I took a sigh of relief and walked off the plane and into the arriving gate feeling great that it was all a dream. There were people in the airport talking among themselves and everything was clear. I took my time and walked to baggage claim and was the last person to get their bag, but I didn't care! I texted my friend and asked him where he was. He said he was outside waiting for me and I walked out the front doors excited. I opened the doors and I saw his car, my happiness started to fade.

It was the same car from in my dream. I was going to tell him about the dream but I didn't want to tell him that I literally saw HIS car and I might creep him out considering the fact that I had never seen his car before. I just shook it off and walked over to it. I decided not to tell him about anything until we got to his house. I walked over to his car an he asked me a question before I could even get in. "Hello! Did you have a good flight?" I replied back with a yes. I then got into the and we speedily made our way out of the airport. An hour later I got a text message, it was from a unknown number. I opened the message and it was a video, it read as SOB.avi. I watched the video and it showed a little boy swinging in a field just like what the kiosk showed, the same scary photo faded into the static. Only this time, it flashed a still near the end. My friend and I watched the ending with me and what I saw at that moment I will ever forget. What we saw was us. It looked as if we were photo shopped to have expressionless faces and we had very dilated pupils that didn't even look to be humanly possible to have.

We were wearing formal clothes that looked as if it was from the 50's and were very pale. It scared him so much that he swerved into the oncoming lane, and he hit a semi truck head on. I was knocked unconscious for only 5 minutes. I woke up and looked at the windshield and noticed nothing in the dashboard was working, except for the digital clock on the stereo system. It read out as 5:08. I tried to sit up from being slouched over but my legs were in so much pain that it was impossible for me to do anything. I took a glance over at my friend, he was dead. His entrails were cut out and were wrapped around the steering wheel. I saw my phone lying on the floor and I had picked it up, It had 1% battery life. I punched 911 into the keypad and put the phone to my ear. After a few rings a woman picked up but as soon as she did, it died completely. I started to scream for help but nobody came. I then heard a small whine from the backseat. I reached up and adjusted the mirror to see what It could be, it was that boy. He appeared out of nowhere and at that point I was losing my damn mind. I remembered back to when I got that text, 'SOB' meant something and I needed to figure it out once an for all.

It hit me after a minute and I eventually put all the pieces together and I repeatedly said the to myself in chronological order: "System Of Baggage, SOB. SOB.MOV, SOB. 5:08, SOB. No.." I turned around and he was getting up. His bones snapped and his head looked it was on the wrong way. His stomach fell right out of his body from a gaping hole and he was covered in blood. His hair was soaked in a gut wrenching juice and he looked me in the eyes. I heard a tap at my window, and then a whisper coming from somewhere within the car. "Don't ever make fun of my child again." I felt a cutting along the front side of my body and a second later everything just fell out of my body. The last thing I saw was a man. He had dilated pupils that covered the white in his eyes an he has a smile way to big for his face. He had jagged teeth and no nose, he wore shredded clothes and he held a Bowie knife in his right hand.

I'm dead now and I am assured that I am in the deepest depths of Hell all because of that monster but if you ever do see me please do not fear me, I only send a fair warning to all Internet users. Never speak, make, or view that meme ever again, and NEVER make fun of it. And one more thing, always admire your surroundings. You never know if the person next to you may be your killer, I've already learned that lesson.

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