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David now sits in the living room of what just used to be his parents’ house, contemplating suicide and looking back on how he wasted his life. Days ago, in the same house, David lived with his parents. He stayed in their basement, which had been made-over to become a living area rather than just storage space. Because he had his own microwave, refrigerator, and bathroom in the basement, David rarely left his “man cave”.

However, had he bothered to venture out into the "real world" of upstairs, he would have known what was about to happen to him. His parents were tired of him mooching all day with no job for years. His mother, who for years had been trying to pretend that this was only a setback, finally saw that David was turning into a worthless lump in their basement. He was little more to them than someone they saw once a month when they brought him fresh groceries.

They had agreed to change their will to leave him enough money to get an apartment for a short while, but not enough for him to live without a job. They wanted it so that he would be forced to be useful for the first time in a long time in his life.

It wasn’t long after they met with their lawyer to get their will changed that they both were killed in a car wreck. The worst part about their deaths was that David only found out when his brother came to tell him about the terms of the will.

The real reason that David’s brother had come was to tell him he needed to move out. He was left the house, not David. He gave David the check for the few hundred dollars left to him in the will, and told him that he had until the end of the day to get his stuff out of there. His parents left strict orders in his will that he move out. With the paltry sum of money he had, David quickly gathered that he would have to get a job.

After his brother left, David pondered the future. He realized that he would be hard-pressed to find a job, being as old as he was and having done nothing with his life. He also didn’t want to have to face the reality of not having his parents to care for him and buy him groceries. Having to learn to fly was a horrifying idea for the chick that had spent far too many years in the nest.

So, here sits David, in the living room of what used to be his parents’ house, contemplating suicide and looking back on how he ruined his life. Soon, he thought to himself as he toyed with the gun in his hand, my brother will be here.

Written by ClericofMadness
Content is available under CC BY-SA