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The woman wandered the halls of the large, empty, cold manor. The floor creaked and groaned under her feet. She shivered and pulled her cloak closer around her body. The high ceilings made every step a thundering echo. Suddenly, she heard whispers coming from behind her. She couldn't tell what they said, only that they didn't sound friendly.

She didn't turn around, because as she was told before entering, she had to "Keep moving. Don't stop for anything." Her curiosity screamed at her to turn and look, to just take a peek, but she couldn't. The woman continued on.

She turned a corner into a hall full of old portraits of the family that once lived there. Fancy, she thought. Pretty self-absorbed, though. She reached out to touch one, temporarily forgetting the one rule she had been given.

The moment her shivering hand touched the painting, she felt a cold breeze blow in from beneath her feet. Then, the floor gave way.

Down the woman tumbled, into what seemed to be a derelict basement. She lay there for a second, contemplating just staying there forever. She got up, dusting herself off. She then continued forth, determined to get out of this rat-infested nightmare.

After a few minutes of walking in what seemed to be an endless loop, there was a thumping noise. It was accompanied by loud, raspy breathing. The faster she moved, the faster the noises were. The woman started to cry, feeling that she would die here. No. She couldn't. Not here. Not yet. She started running.

She started to slow down a bit, tired. The noise didn't. When she realized this she knew she had to do something, and do it quick.

She decided to break through one of the walls with a mallet that was somewhat conveniently placed on the floor. As she started, she noticed the noise had stopped.

Then, a pair of huge, hairy, clawed hands burst through the wall, grabbed the woman by the head, and pulled her through.

It was a huge, hairy beast, with huge glowing red eyes. "Please," the woman cried, "I've done no wrong! Just leave me be!" The beast opened it's mouth wide, wider than what should've been possible...