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Somewhere in the world, there is a collection of books. Perhaps it's in a dusty, unpainted shelf in the back corner of someone's attic; maybe it's in a set of musty boxes in the basement of some tiny, obscure library.

It contains a few hundred volumes, all handwritten, ranging from leather-bound volumes with yellowed pages two hundred years old to modern spiral-bound notebooks. All of these are diaries, some by famous people, some by not-so famous people, but all by the most horrific madmen and murderers the world has ever known.

And the collection is growing. For if you ever find it, you will hear a faint scratching sound coming from the newest volume of the set. This volume will be new, and filled with blank pages, except for the first. On this page, you will find the beginning of your own diary, written in a very familiar handwriting.

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