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I was walking in a snowy forest with my friends. We were all exploring and having a good time with each other.

That is until we stumbled upon a plate metal flooring, elevated just above the snow. I stepped on it and it fell down about 15 meters into a dark and dirty cellar. There were cobwebs and black stains everywhere.

August 17th. 2017

One of my friends dropped down, while the other two went to contact help. I started to explore the building. I went down some stairs and found a flooded floor with a projector and several rolls of film on shelves. The water wasn't cold or hot, just warm. After testing the water, we stepped in and walked over to a roll of film. It was dusty but still seemed functional, so I picked it up and put it into the projector.

It started playing a nuclear attack awareness film. It seemed normal enough, a few basic tips like "find shelter" and "always have canned food at the ready" but it started getting weirder and weirder. It would occasionally lose audio, occasionally lose video, and occasionally show random footage of people working at an unidentified military base. The film stopped and me and my friend were intrigued.

The next film was just titled "Massacre" and it was just 3 minutes of a camera staring at a road with military vehicles driving down and bloody screaming in the background. That is until it zoomed in on one of Harry Truman's speeches. It kept filming and filming until it burnt out.

The most bone-chilling film, however, was live footage of a man being tortured and twisted. He should have died, but he kept on living. Blood fell and spilled on the floor, but he remained screaming violently. People started shooting at him with automatics, but he was still screaming violently. They tried torching him with oil and flamethrowers, but he kept on yelling in pain. They carved symbols in him and shaved off the skin on his arms. It was insanely brutal. They all left the room and released the manacles keeping the poor man from lashing out at them. They closed the room's door and gassed it, presumably terminating the man in the process. It zoomed in on a syringe filled with a black, oozing liquid that they injected into the man. A voiceover came on. "This very solution could save America in the case of nuclear crisis." The projector started catching fire and fell into the water.

A wall fell over into the water with a splash of water and a cloud of dust. Behind the wall revealed a half-constructed silo. We walked down to investigate when the wall was shoved back up by something and locked in place. We tried to knock it back down, but it wouldn't budge, so we gave up and explored the silo. It had really dark water. We decided to not touch it because it could be diseased or acidic. My friend found a door and opened it into a messy room. There was a big broken glass window that led into what looked to be the torture room on the tape. Sure enough, there were shackles and blood stains in the room, but no sign of the man.

That's when I heard a creak. Our hearts almost stopped. A figure masked by darkness walked around the silo, but ran away when we spotted it. We started to panic and tried to find an exit. We found an open vent that led upwards so we climbed up into the dusty vent and out back into the original room, which didn't have water in it anymore. The rest of the films on the shelves, the projector, and a fire axe were all missing.

Luckily, help had arrived and we were lifted out of the base.

I haven't been the same since.