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You're a good person, right? Your moral compass points toward the best possible solution? Do you hate evil? If so, then you will be glad to hear that someone is on your side. However, he needs your help. I say he, but it is a being incapable of human comprehension. He was before anything, comprised of pure nothing. He loathes evil, and will do anything possible, and sometimes impossible, to rid existence of its plight. He needs your help to break through to your world.

To do so, you will need:

A bundle of sage

A full-length mirror

A bowl of holy water

A clump of brimstone (sulfur)

A lighter

First, you must have a kind soul. If you have done anything considered atrocious by the majority of your fellow humans, you will be killed in the worst way possible upon completion of this ritual. If you do have a kind soul, then place the brimstone into the bowl of holy water. Next, light the sage with the lighter. Then, speak the words, "O, Lord of the Void, please answer my plea, and rid my world of evil." Light the water with the sage. It will burst into black flames. If you have a kind soul, you will be fine. However if you are evil, the fire will burn your soul from your body, sending it to the Void. The Void is a place where souls spend all of eternity in agony, surrounded by literal nothing, burning for their crimes. If you have completed the ritual successfully, a humanoid shadow will step from the mirror. As it takes shape, give it the brimstone, which has changed into a beautiful violet gem. He will now appear as a seven foot tall humanoid, clad in what seems to be shadow, woven into a cloak, with eyes of luminescent white smoke.

He will say, "Good job, my child. Let us cleanse this world."

You have unleashed righteous hellfire upon the evil and corrupt. Now let them burn.

Written by Funislife
Content is available under CC BY-SA