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In 1990s, Okpo Land in Korea used to be the most popular amusement park in Asia. However, after a series of horrific accidents, the park was closed in a mysterious fashion, now it just gives off a vibe akin to that of a ghost town. The park attracted tourists from all over the world thanks to its modern attractions at that time such as a roller-coaster, electric cars, giant circle and special duck train.

However, one day, a bizarre accident happened: a duck train suddenly derailed and crashed to the ground, at least one person was killed and others were seriously injured. Even so, for an unrevealed reason, everything was let go, the authorities said no apology or gave no explanation to the public about what actually happened.

Around 1999, a similar accident happened, with the same duck train, but this time things seemed to be even direr, the train capsized off the rails which caused a girl to die on the spot, while others fell to the ground and suffered serious injury.

Soon after that, the manager of Okpo Land disappeared mysteriously without any trace, the park was officially closed. The scene of the horrific crash has remained intact until today.

In a very short moment, a bustling place, the most crowded leisure center in Asia became deserted, incredibly cold with no trace of human presence anywhere. Somewhere in the park is a spot where the chilling presence of the deceased from those catastrophic accidents can be felt.