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Attention, citizens.

The end is nearing. The moon and the stars have fled from the sky, and the tops of our skyscrapers are disappearing into the darkness that descends from above. Our mountains have been whittled to shells of their former grandeur. Do not seek shelter. Such measures are an act of futility.

Sadly, there are those who would choose to pillage and despoil rather than face our final hours with dignity. Leave them to indulge in their vices, for God will not smile as warmly upon them as he does on you. When all you have left of your loved ones is their distant voices echoing through eternity, despair not, for you shall be reunited in the hereafter.

I have faith that we, as citizens of this great nation, shall come together in our final moments to face oblivion as one. There are no more wars to fight, and no more battles to win. We shall go quietly into the night.

The end is nearing.