The mind rules the body, he is a bossy boss.

The rest of the body, my body is a slave in this kind of society.

My soul is the slave of my unconscious intellect. Dominated by the dark side of mankind in an organic slavery. It allows me to kill or to give birth; it's a choice you have to make.

This dark side of mine tries to control me, to do mad things. We humans must forbid to do evil against reason and our world. The unconscious is like an alien. It is both invisible for the disbeliever's eyes and visible for others. Sometimes this side orders you and the invisible energy of humanity to think against your sensibility but it's so hard that you can't resist in the fear to be mad, because it's compulsory, it's written in the stone of mankind. This invisible energy of mind is sleeping in the deep. This kind of Threat threatens us. Nobody can stop it. It infects you, your family and even your close friend.

I am too shy to have a reaction.

Good manners will be inverted, bad things will be good and right things will be evil. Your logic, your habits will definitely change. You won't be the same.

It was polite to change the world, to correct errors, but now it's impolite to come back, you just must follow your worst instinct, your animal side and it will be the last trip.

I am so sad; this fucking thing is sucking all the energy that made up my reason and my humanity. It disturbs me. Now I can't walk with my fate any more. I have killed a man for fun. I have shared the rest in fair portions.

This action is unfair, I have harmed my heart.

It is harmful for my fellows

It is harmless for gods.

My devil supports me to lie, with a lie not to be a liar.

He promised me advice, to be reliable.

But I depend on my soul, I must trust it, I am not allowed to betray it.

I can't deceive it or delude evil.

I am deluded by this mad terror.

You can't hide anything from it.

You can try to conceal yourself but you will fail.

I mustn't lose my temper!

This thing is angry with us, it is touchy, annoying.

She resented my presence, the best and the worst of me quarrel eternally.

I have to compromise, and forgive myself.

I must apologise, I am sorry! So sorry ...

I shouldn't have followed this advice, I should have advised.

I have failed!

I don't agree with it! I have to persuade and convince myself to protest!

It's a shame, and I have to come to terms with my fate to achieve human justice.

Written by Ambroise1999
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