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In recent time, there has been significant interest in serial killers. Dahmer, Gacey, Gein, The Zodiac Killer, and The BTK Killer, to name a few. One particular point of intrigue found in these societal dregs is their collective minds. Not necessarily because they are or were intellectuals (though, there are some exceptions, I suppose), but because of the insight it gives us into the world of a twisted mind. What made them not only think of committing these heinous acts, but gave them the motivation to do so? Of course, the usual answers are mental illness, troubled upbringing, involuntary social isolation, and a whole host of other factors. However, there are some who have gone undiagnosed, or supposedly didn't suffer from any of the above mentioned conditions. Which begs the question: what if some people are just born evil?

Throughout the ages, there have been countless instances of premature burial, people were pronounced dead and buried only to wake up hours later confused and terrified. In the 1800s, the problem was seemingly so prevalent that new coffins had been created with certain measures to aid in the survival of the not-so departed. This includes bells, inlets, and ladders, all to help the victim survive and escape. To this day, there are cases of people being buried alive, albeit nowhere near as many as centuries ago. Those who experienced premature burial have described it as the most traumatic event of their lives, and for good reason. The pitch black darkness, the deafening silence, the near impossibility of drawing air under six feet of dirt, not to mention the seeming inability to escape. How could you maintain your composure at all in a situation like that? Simply put, you can't, and unfortunately, safety coffins are not so commonplace these days.

But what if the subject is dead, but not thoughtless? They say the brain is active for some time after death (including decapitation), but who's to say someone somewhere hasn't lasted longer, or that it doesn't feel like an eternity to that person in their mind? Imagine laying six feet beneath the earth, unable to move, completely deprived of all senses, left with nothing but your thoughts. Now imagine being stuck that way forever, eventually, even your thoughts don't comfort you, so you indulge yourself in fantasy, which becomes more and more sinister as the years wear on. Finally, the maggots eat your brain, or time rots it away, and you can finally, truly die. Would you be able to find normalcy in the afterlife? Or would you remain the twisted soul you'd become?

What if you're reincarnated? Plenty of cultures believe death is followed by rebirth, so imagine a soul left to languish in the grave for centuries, driven to cruel fancy by isolation. Would their madness not pollute the mind of the body they inhabit? Their cruel fancy corrupting their host eventually, but inevitably. This could make some sense of certain infamous murderers. The ones that seemed to live normal, peaceful lives, completely unassuming to everyone around. Behind closed doors however, tightly under wraps, an internal struggle was waging between themselves and their soul's sinister nature. It could last for weeks, months, years, even their entire lives until they finally relent, allowing the malevolence to consume them and those around them.

Whatever the case, always remain cautious and vigilant. See to it that everyone in your life is doing well, and help them in any way you can. However, never be afraid to keep your distance, and feel free to sleep with one eye open. After all, you can never be sure who is at war with their own mind.