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At night, outside the door of my bedroom, I always saw an oval light on the wall. Although it was just a shadow, it still creeped me out, for it looked more like a face. On this night, however, it would get much worse.

I just went to sleep. I got in a good five or ten minutes before hearing something from outside my room. I looked out my door to notice that the oval shadow looked...different. Normally, it was just blank. This time, it had what I could only make out as a black pair of eyes. I turned my light on to get a better look, but as soon as the light reached the tip of my doorway, the face was gone. It stayed gone when I turned the light back off.

I didn't expect to sleep so well, but I woke up at 8:00 sharp the next morning. I felt well rested. As I was preparing my breakfast, the news came on, showing a bulliten of an alleged stalker. I brushed it off at first, but what I heard next made me drop my entire plate of eggs:

"Although there is no photographic evidence of the perp, witnesses claim that the man had... oval face."