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Authors Note

This is to test a character (the title character)'s character to see if y'all will like it when I publish the main novel! Please give me your advice/critiques after you finish reading! Okay, enjoy :3



Written by AlexSaldivarGames

The green leaves cracked under Frank's feet as he explored the dark, damp, and forbidden woods. He looked at all the trees, the only sign of light being the moonlight in the sky and his flashlight beaming through the darkness. He came with a mission. To find it and set the rumors straight. He didn't have too much hope he'd find anything, but it was worth a shot. Frank came to a tiptoe as to not disturb anything or anyone lurking in the forest at this time.

Frank was only on this mission due to his little brother, Sam's disappearance a few weeks prior. It had torn his family apart. No clues were left to as of how he disappeared, but Frank was determined to find his little brother. Frank continued looking around the forbidden area, and pondered on what caused the disappearances throughout the town.

Frank looked at his police badge, and sighed. No one was allowed in these woods due to being the main location of the disappearances. The townsfolk were theorizing like crazy on what was happening. Many said they had seen a wolf... it was no ordinary wolf, however. It was able to stand on its hind legs, and had goo on its stomach and leg. Everyone dubbed this strange wolf man "The Wolf Snatcher". People theorized it was a man in a suit, but the way people described seeing it, it seemed too... lifelike to be a suit.

Frank continued exploring, and shook as cold breeze hit his face. Frank turned his flashlight to a nearby tree. The flashlight's flickering light buzzing harshly. He shut it off and continued walking, the bright moonlight being his path as he followed the trail.

Following the trail, he came across something... Shredded clothing. "When did this get here...?" Frank asked himself. There were no signs of fur or blood from a attacking animal. He quickly jotted it down in a journal he held.

Frank slowly walked past the clothes as he observed them even as he walked off. Frank let out a cold sigh as he continued walking. Somewhere, a loud bell chimed. Frank stared a cold look at the building somewhere in the distance, he reminded himself to go in that direction later on in case he needed a emergency exit.

Frank stared at the ground a few minutes later, seeing some paw prints, of what looked like a dog. "Hmm..." He quickly started to doodle a drawing of the paw prints. Frank stared into the darkness and grabbed the flashlight, shining it in the path he was intending to go.

"What do I do...?" Frank asked as he slowly gathered himself. Frank continued walking down the path. He saw a branching path. He didn't know whether to go the left path, which had a similar tone to the rest of the woods, the middle path being completely darkened, or the right path, the trees being removed and the moonlight being completely visible.

Frank knew which path he was gonna take, instantly going into the right path. He didn't realize it yet, but that'd be the worst choice of his life.

As Frank walked through the path, the moonlight got darker and darker. Frank soon looked and saw some blue goo, it dripping from the otherwise blank oak tree. "No way..." Frank said, now quiet. Frank touched the goo... It was recently added to the tree. Frank stared quietly, before running backward. He knew they were true now, the rumors... had been true. And being in the woods was now considered a death wish. He ran toward the direction of the bell he had heard earlier.

Frank ran through the woods, more goo passing by him as he tried to flee the seams of the cold, damp woods. He tripped over a branch. He looked at his scarred knee as he started to pant.

Frank then saw something in the distance... a animal could be seen in the distance. Frank started to slowly walk over. He felt like a idiot for doing so, but he needed to know.

Frank finally walked up to the animal, and saw it. He stopped himself from screaming by biting his lip. It was indeed a wolf. And, in horror, saw several bits of goo all over it. Frank started to tiptoe off, if he made it out, maybe he could...

The wolf seemed to know he was there, as the wolf turned toward him. Frank screamed and started running. Frank turned, seeing the wolf's glowing green eyes in the mist. Frank finally started to slow down, but he didn't want to. Frank saw the figure getting closer.

As Frank stared at the wolf's green eyes. He felt something in his mind. It hurt, as he started to scream.

Lost forever...

Frank shook as he heard those words. They weren't coming from the wolf, however. They were coming from his head. Was that a warning? Was he truly going to be lost forever?

Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

The wolf finally got to Frank, and picked him up as the wolf menacingly twitched. He didn't know what would happen next, but he shut his eyes.

He felt the wolf's eyes still shining on him. But, it would all be okay... That's what was hoped, anyways.

Lost forever...


Sarah looked at the missing poster of her brother. Her two brothers. She was the only kid left in the Swan Family, and her parents were completely distraught. First Sam, now Frank... The town was completely shocked and upset.

The theory of The Wolf was still going strong. And everyone knew Frank as a respected, strong, and caring police officer. They understood it was going after six-year-old Sam, but Frank was a fully fledged adult.

It was a bitter truth. What chance did they have against it if it could take one of the strongest members of the Police Force in town?

The worst part was that Sarah had to hide a dark truth, and a awful lie. She knew what happened to Frank, she knew it was real.

What happened that dark night, it had only been a week since Frank disappeared, but Sarah remembered it vividly.


Frank had told her he was going into the woods, seeing where Sam went. The worst part was Sarah didn't try to stop him. She was too much in grieving to protest him leaving.

The thing was, she had met The Wolf a week prior. She had been in the woods late at night, just as he had. But, unlike Frank, The Parasite offered her a deal. She'd be safe, as long as she had said absolutely nothing.

Sarah knew if the truth came out, she'd be dead. She continued looking at the poster.

Sarah had lied to the authorities several times. And had never mentioned what happened to Frank. If she ever told the authorities how Frank actually disappeared...  She couldn't imagine.

Sarah grabbed the paper, and sighed. All they found of Frank was shredded clothing, his notebook, and... blue goo.

The dark, blue goo...

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