Peggy has a problem. Rosemary says that it's no big deal. Pat says that she's always fussing over trivial things. There's nothing trivial to Peggy about a red stain on a white couch. No, not at all. Especially when no matter how many times she sprays it, and scrubs it, and washes it, that ugly stain just keeps coming back. Sure, she could turn the cushion over, but there's a stain on that side too.

Why doesn't she just buy a new couch? What's stopping her? Fran keeps asking, but Peggy gets angry and changes the subject. How rude of her! Peggy won't have guests over anymore because she's always trying to get rid of that stain. Out, damned spot! She won't stop until it's gone! If her husband were alive, he could snap her out of it. But alas, it's just her and the red stain on the white couch.

You see, Peggy has a problem... and it's not going away any time soon.


Peggy doesn't answer the door. She doesn't even hear the doorbell. She must have forgotten to lock it, because in file her lady friends. How surprised they are to see Peggy on her knees, scrubbing away at a perfectly white couch cushion.

Written by Umbrello
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