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In the heart of the Rockies lies a grove of trees growing in a perfect circle. It is a grove that, aside from this geometric oddity, appears perfectly innocuous from the outside. If one should step foot into this grove, however, the inside will be as dark as any moonless night in those mountainous woods, even on the brightest summer’s day.

Those who have mistakenly wandered into the grove are rarely in any condition to say what happens inside. Many simply never come out. However, if you're very brave, or very foolish, you can attempt to camp within it.

Enter with your eyes shut tight, lie down in your sleeping bag, and no matter what you hear, no matter what you feel, do not open them again. If you somehow manage to find your way to sleep before the grove takes your sanity or your life, you will awaken in the middle of the day to the light of the sun on your face. You will be in the middle of a grove; a grove that, aside from growing in a perfect circle, and containing your heart’s one greatest desire, is perfectly innocuous.

If one should step foot outside this grove, though, they will find the outside to be dark as any moonless night in those mountainous woods.

Original author unknown

Originally uploaded on April 22nd, 2011