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Since when I was a little kid, I always loved birthday parties. The treats, the presents, and just the thrill of it.

But also I loved the cake and the piñata. I really loved the piñata. I loved how, with my closed eyes I always managed to hit and break it. And the candy! Oh, the candy was delicious! I always wondered, how come my piñata is always better than the kids' at other parties?

Well, now that I'm seventeen, I know how. Let me tell you about my discovery.

I had many friends. Mean friends, toxic friends, good friends, and so on. Friends I just met on the playground, people from school, neighbors.

I always cried because of the mean ones. My parents told me that those kind of friends were bad. I listened what they said, but I didn't listen and do what they said.

Each year, the disappeared. And each year, I became happier.

I was just to happy to have all my good friends at my birthday party. I like bragging, so I couldn't resist but brag in front of everyone.

Then the cake. Wow, it was amazing! And chocolate, my favorite.

Then came the piñata.

For the first time, I didn't think about all the candy inside, but about the piñata itself. What was it made of? Cardboard? Plastic? I was young then, and didn't have a clue.

My mom put my blindfold on me, spun me three times, and gave me a baseball bat. I hit the piñata hard, breaking it instantly. The kids oohed and aahed, since last year it took me four hits to break the piñata. I took my blindfold off, and looked at all the candy. I bent down with the rest of the kids, put I wasn't looking for the candy. Instead, I was looking of a piece of the piñata. When I found one, I hid it in my pocket.

When the party ended, I went to my room. I wanted to inspect the piñata. But before I could do so, I heard my parents coming up, so I hid it my drawer.

For the next six years, I forgot about it. Don't ask how. I just... forgot.

Today is Tuesday, the second of March, 2021. I found the piece of piñata in my drawer yesterday, at Monday, and gave it to a scientist, to inspect it.

Turns out, it was made out of human skin, made hard because it was plastered with organs . I guess this is what my piñata was made of this whole time.

My friends.