Hey. My name is Chase Jensen, and I'm seventeen.


I don't do very well in many classes, with the exception of Piano. God, how I love piano.

I started playing when I was six, if you could call mashing on the keys of my mother's piano, playing. I was playing my first song, a simple version of "Mary Had a Little Lamb." I was so proud of myself. I seemed to get better at every note I played. My mother once told me about the piano in the basement. She told me to never ever play it. I blindly agreed, as any kid would.

My Obsession.

I began playing the piano every day of my life. It began with one hour, then two, then eventually twenty-four. My mother and father could not sleep. They complained. My friends complained. They said I spent too much time on the piano.

So I got rid of them. My friends and my parents.

It felt really good.

But, one day, two years later, the piano broke. Smash! My life was ruined. I remembered. The piano in the basement. I dragged it up and began to test it. It sounded amazing. I don't know why my parents didn't want me to play it.

But now I do.

It gave me abilities; to change seasons, even to go back or forward in time. I had the most fun I ever experienced... as long as I played the right notes, of course.

If I messed up on a song, I would dearly pay the price. All I had to do to activate an ability, think what I wanted to do, and play a song perfectly. But if I missed one note, my face was sliced. I found a button on the back, that said, "press if practicing" That way, if I missed a note, I don't get cut.

I actually tried to cheat it, and played the simplified version of, "Mary Had a Little Lamb", as it was extremely easy. Now I know that the piano gets tired of hearing the same thing.

The piano is my friend. The piano will help me. The piano is with me.

It will help me. Kill you. I've found a way to make the piano teleport with me... making it easy to escape. Or, I could just ask it to kill you, and you die. Ker-splat. Just like that.

Here's a warning; if you hear out of place piano keys, pray that they are not for you. 

Thank you for reading my very first Pasta! I got inspired by my love of piano. I might make more!

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