"Pingu's Dream" is an episode of the popular children's show Pingu which aired circa 1996-1998. However, it drastically differs from the other episodes in the series. The quality is shoddy and in comparison to the presentation of other episodes, this episode sticks out like a sore thumb. The episode hasn't aired in the United States, or any other English speaking country since its original broadcast, and The Pygos Group, the producers of the show, have stated that they do not intend on re-showing it in the near future. The episode however, remains in circulation on Japanese TV.

The episode was pulled alongside two other episodes, the first referred to as "Pingu Runs Away", which features disturbing imagery in the form of Ice Sculptures. The second, more recent removed episode was called 'Little Accidents', which was pulled due to implication and imagery of the act of urination. It is still unknown what caused the Creators to produce the three episodes. The Third episode however, was re-entered into circulation, and is still shown (in some countries) to this day.

Unusually, even though the three episodes continued to bring up criticism, the animators released a further episode in 2004, called 'Stinky Pingu'. In one of the scenes, Pingu hides underneath an open window, only to have a basin of brownish, pungent fluid (the substance of which is never stated, but heavily implied) dumped over him. This episode was never removed from circulation, and continues to be periodically shown today. However, conflicts between the animators' synopses and the intervention of the Pygos group meant that the series was to end in 2006.

Most of the animators and voice actors refuse to comment on the episode when asked and act almost as if it never existed.

The producer's reason for the episode being self-banned is yet to be clarified.

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