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It likes music. It's especially fond of the piano.

It was late one night. Around 2:00 AM. I was up surfing the internet and listening to music. It was a normal night; I was just getting tired when I happened across an interesting YouTube video called, "Easiest Song to Play on the Piano! Learn tonight!"

I'm not much of a piano player, but I've been trying to learn, especially since I inherited my grandmother's old piano. It was built in 1928, but it's still in fine condition. I decided to watch the video to see just how easy it was to learn this song.

On the video, I could see the keys around the middle C, and elderly, white hands playing the notes. The song was extremely simple, but there was something about it that was... strange. Unnerving.

But I liked it. I memorized the chords and notes, then stood up from my computer and left the room. The hallway was dark — pitch black save for the small nightlight plugged into an outlet in the hall. It cast a dim, yellow light on the walls and flickered like a candle. I walked slowly down the hallway, feeling along the wall for the light switch I knew was there... somewhere.

Click. Found it.

The hallway flooded with light, but I was not comforted. It seemed that, for a moment, I saw something. Something... small. And white, perhaps. Not like a spirit or ghost and not like a person, but small and... probably just my imagination playing tricks on me, with the light.

I made my way to the piano in our living room. It, too, was pitch black. Our high ceilings were never visible in the dark. It was unnaturally dark. A kind of dark that you can feel.

I turned on the tiny lamp that sat about the piano, opened the keyboard, and played a few scales to practice. While playing, I tapped my foot on the pedal to add an echoing noise that almost sounded like... a steady inhale... exhale... inhale, exhale pattern.

I stopped and listened. Silence. An eerie silence.

I began to play the song I learned on the internet. The keys all flowed together well. I was remembering the song easily enough. It was quite simple. In fact, someone could probably accidentally play this song without realizing it was even a song at all.

When I finished playing the song, I sat back, satisfied. Then I heard it playing from the hallway.

How was this happening? I stood up and walked briskly back down the hall, to my room where it sounded like the music was coming from. I saw my computer playing the YouTube video again. It probably just refreshed itself.

Then the music started playing again. This time from the piano. In the living room.

I was frozen in place. I could not move. Slowly, I made my way back down the dark hallway... back into our vast living room — all the while, the piano was still humming this new, bone-chilling melody.

I approached the corner where I knew I'd be able to see the piano. I swallowed my fear and turned to look.

Instantly, the music stopped. I saw nothing at first.

Upon looking closer, I saw something white... a small, almost childlike height being. Standing in the dark corner... smiling at me.

It whispered to me in a hellish, quiet tone.

"Play it again..."

Original author unknown

Originally uploaded on March 23rd, 2011