Where do I begin, or more importantly—where does it end?

I was on here, browsing the Creepypasta Wiki one late night. My parents had gone out to eat, and I had just returned from work, so I was home alone. I was chatting with some friends, recommending pages on here for them to read to scare them. It's a regular pastime for us, but somehow, it never gets boring.

While looking on this wiki, I came across a page. It didn't have a title. It wasn't a very interesting read; however, midway through it came to an abrupt end. At the end it said, "Please, don't leave me." I had never seen a page where the author was so desperate for an audience.

Bored, I decided to close the webpage. Maybe an hour or so passed; I chatted with my friends as usual, when suddenly, my phone rang. It was my mom. Casually, I answered the phone, but there was no voice, only the sound of scrolling. I waited, listening to what seemed like an old mouse scrolling through a webpage for at least two minutes before dismissing it as my mom's phone acting up. She has an iPhone. I laughed and told her to call me back if she could hear me. I hung up. My friend asked me what my mom wanted, I responded it was her phone acting up.

We continued to talk for another thirty minutes, when my phone rang again. This time, it was my friend, the one I was talking to. I asked them why they were calling me, but my hair stood on end when they replied, "I'm not. My phone is right beside me."

Slowly, I reached down and answered my tiny blue cellphone. It was dead silence for a few seconds, and then I heard the sound of scrolling once more.

I listened, waiting for a demonic voice or a blood curling scream like most of the wikis on here describe, but nothing came. Just scrolling. After a few minutes I hung up. I rationalized my phone might be the one acting up, so I took out the battery and restarted my phone. When my phone turned back on, there was a text message from a number I didn't recognize.

I opened the text message, "Please, come back."

My heart dropped. I looked at my computer in horror; however, I was very curious. I opened my web browser and opened my browsing history—everything looked normal. Even the page that was untitled. I clicked it. I scrolled down the page to where it said, "Please, don't leave me."

But now there was more...

I kept scrolling down till I saw, "Please, don't ever leave me again." So, here I am. I cannot leave. I cannot close the page.

Please, don't leave me.

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