You eat food, right? Every human does, but do you inspect each morsel of food you eat? I doubt you do. I don't think anybody does. I could say that is my advantage, but it's not. What really helps me is when you leave that meal in your fridge overnight, or even when you leave the room unattended. You may think I'm lying. I'm not. Ever see that flash of movement or something that isn't there? You might have seen me.

Symptoms of my poison could include fever, headache, insomnia and paranoia. These symptoms don't really kill much, I like to watch my victims squirm and go, well, insane. Yes, you may say I'm cruel, but I'm not. I only kill, whoops, did I say kill? Forget I said that. You may look for the poison, however you may not find it. If you are eating something like a salad you may not notice the little black flecks. However, if you're eating something like a tea or soup you'll spot it earlier. Did I say earlier? Surely you have misread that.

If you spot it you may, however, incinerate that morsel because the poison spreads. It spreads much like mold. The spores spread. If you have spotted my plague it's too late. You're already infected with it. After that, your teeth become loose, only, however, if you have baby teeth left.

You will feel pain. Not unbearable. You know what, I'm lying. There is no such thing as me, the poison, or any of the shenanigans above. I distracted you. I could be behind you this very moment, knife raised, glistening with blood, ready to sink into your neck. Or I could be hiding where you can't see. I also could be lying even more and be distracting you while I sneak some poison into your food.

Made you look. Don't be so paranoid. It's unhealthy.

Written by RealPeel
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