A small girl is sitting upright on her purple heart-shaped bed, clutching the Pokéball of her beloved Cubone. There she sobs, reminiscing about what he had experienced. Her room is dark; the only light slightly illuminating the room is the light blue moonlight making its way through the large, open window to her right. She begins to squeeze the Pokéball tighter as her tears roll down her face. Her expression is that of a broken-hearted child.

She opens her mouth to speak, but sadly no words escape. With every word she tries to mutter, her eyes dramatically fill with tears. With every gasp, she profusely tries to hold them in; burying her head in her knees in the thoughts of her dreams. She sits up and looks at the Pokéball. She wipes what’s left of her tears from her reddish face and attempts to speak.

“Why…” She says in a low, mournful tone. You can sense the pain in her voice. “Aurora, why did I dream of you this way tonight?”



She rubs the Pokéball and holds it closer.

“Those stupid ghost Pokémon…” She whispered, “I hate them!”

She wipes her face and falls flat on her bed, covering up her body.

“Aurora, you were burning. I saw you burning. I wanted to help, but I was too scared!” She cries. “It was completely dark and it didn’t feel like any dream I’ve had before.”

She sits back up and sets the PokéBall on her lap.

“I ran away as fast as I could, Aurora. I heard a scream and I couldn’t help but to go back for you.”

She begins to weep, and her sadness begins to take her over.

“When… when I went back for you, you weren’t there. So, I panicked.” She continues sobbingly, “When I looked behind me, I saw… I can’t continue, Aurora, It’s too much.” She holds Pokéball over the bed, and mutters the words, “Aurora, I choose you.

The sound of an opening Pokéball fills the silent room and out comes a Cubone. The Cubone is sleeping. She holds it against her arms like an infant.

Pokemon - An Adventurer's Dream

Pokemon - An Adventurer's Dream

The Little Girl's Dream

“I won’t let anyone get you… Do you hear me?”

She kisses the Cubone’s forehead and lays it right next to her and covers it up with the soft purple blanket.

“I love you." She whispers as she puts her arm around it and wanders back to sleep.

"Good night, Aurora..."

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