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In 2012 the next polar reversal will take place on Earth. This means that the North Pole will be changed into the South Pole.

Scientifically this can only be explained by the fact that the earth will start rotating in the opposite direction, together with a huge disaster of unknown proportions.

  1. With clock-like regularity, sudden reversals and pole shifts are natural to the earth. The result is worldwide destruction, and is supported by paleomagnetic evidence and early manuscripts.
  2. The reversal of the poles is attributed to the harmonic cycle of the magnetic fields of the sun.
  3. Polar reversals can be calculated precisely on the basis of the sunspot cycle theory or the magnetic field theory, which the Maya and the Old Egyptians were privy to. These secrets are contained in the Labyrinth of Hawara, a huge complex consisting of three thousand rooms.

At present scientists still do not know much about the mechanism that generates the magnetic field of the earth, which is more than frightening. Without doubt, our continued existence depends upon this.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors knew that when this magnetic field tilts, a worldwide destruction takes place. The present geologists, astronomers, and physicists know little about this. For that reason, we are running towards our end.