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Well, I guess this is a place to vent out what happened to me, or multiple people, I honestly have no clue whether the people there were actually people.

I should start off by saying that my dad was an extremely busy man. Mom left us to go to a "Business Trip." as my father would put it, so he would always be at work or home-schooling me. He had a good-paying job, but I was too young (around 10-12) to be left home by myself. Anyway, back to venting.

I remember my dad would always take me to a place called "Polka-Dot's Playhouse".

It was a playground-daycare type thing. It was obscenely large though, if I had to guess, I'd say about a football field of slides, merry-go-rounds, swings, and all the usual playground things, with a big sign that had the name on it. Right next to the playground was a white building covered in polka-dots of multiple colors and sizes, which was where I'd go when it got dark outside. My dad would always do the same routine, he'd drop me off at 7:00 AM, go to work, then come back at 12:00 AM to pick me up. Me and him were seen as "family" and would always get a discount, which my dad happily accepted, I guess "The Dot Family", as they called themselves saw their customers as their own flesh and blood.

Me and the other kids would be outside, playing games and doing other kid-like things. Occasionally, Polka-Dot The Clown would come and play with us and give us treats. She was in her early 20s, with blue curly hair and pink body paint covering her head-to-toe. She wore a big white clown suit with multiple polka-dots on them, and a big cone-shaped hat with, you guessed it, more polka-dots on it. She was real nice to me, I think she might've known I didn't have a mother-like figure in my life.

The kids there were, odd, to say the least. I never ever saw them get picked up or dropped off. Thinking back, I think they lived there. They looked like those stereotypical ghosts with black hair and pale skin. No matter what, however, they always seemed as if they just got a lobotomy, and would rarely ever show emotion. One of those kids was named Henry.

Henry never ever left me alone, and he was of course annoying, but we became friends a few days after I first got dropped off. He would always call himself "Henry The Great" and would always tell me cryptic riddles and would do magic tricks. I guess he was the only one that I felt semi-comfortable around.

The real weird shit was when we went inside. The inside of the building was extremely colorful, and everything inside it seemed as if it came from a cartoon. The staff there was horrible. They were of no help at all. They would always stay quiet until Lunchtime came around or if one of the kids was being an asshole. They were like prison-guards, but just, worse in every way. Unless a parent was around, then they were the happiest people on the goddamn earth.

There were 4 rooms, Lunchroom, Playroom, Bedroom, and Polka-Dot's room. They first 3 are self-explanatory, The Lunchroom was where we got food, The Playroom was considered a "backup playground" when it got dark or when it was raining, and The Bedroom was a large room filled with beds for us to sleep in. But then there was Polka-Dot's room.

We were never allowed inside there. The Staff would do everything to keep us out. I always told the other kids about what I thought was inside, but they would tell me I was lying. Even if I said that Polka-Dot probably just wanted privacy, they'd always say I was lying. Henry did it too, but he would actually correct me. But, Henry being Henry, he would always say what was inside in a cryptic way that I never understood. I remember one of the cryptic corrections was that it was where she took things to drink their color. I remember it because it was the only time I actually got angry back at any of the kids. I told Henry to just tell me the truth already and to quit with the riddles. He didn't say anything, he just pointed at a drawing of Polka-Dot and said "She drinks color.". I just angrily stomped off and didn't talk to him for the rest of the day.

I decided to find out myself. I didn't care if I got in trouble with my dad or the staff or whatever, I needed to know what was so special about Polka-Dot's Room. So, when it was naptime, I waited until everyone was asleep, then I snuck out. The place seemed more like a maze at night, like each of the rooms swapped places every time I would open a door or peek out of a corner.

I finally managed to get to the door of Polka-Dot's room, after what felt like 3 hours of searching doors and walking up and down flights of stairs. The lights in the room were on, and I could hear Polka-Dot doing something inside. I was so close to solving the mystery. I slowly opened the door, and it was like opening Pandora's Box. I got my answer to my mystery, but I was horrified.

It was colorful, with a tea-party set and one of those beds with a "roof" on it. It looked like a child's room. Except for one thing: The Table. On the far right of the room was a large table, with a child seemingly glued on it by a mucus-like substance. Polka-Dot was looming over the kid with her jaw unhinged, with a large, proboscis-like tongue inserted inside the kid's mouth. The noises that Polka-Dot and the kid made was terrifying. The best way I can describe it is like hearing someone choking on a straw, crying and gasping for air while liquid was still going down their throat. She was draining the child's insides of any liquid, I even saw her tongue poke out of the kid's side.

I quickly closed the door and ran back to the bedroom. I could hear Polka-Dot following me. The place basically being a huge maze wasn't helpful. At all. I checked every door, but each one was empty, at least from what I could tell.

I finally managed to get inside the bedroom, quickly closing the door behind me. I tried to hide under one of the bed's covers, but they were all taken by other kids.

Then I approached Henry's bed. He was standing up, seemingly waiting for me, pointing at his bed. I quickly jumped in it. Henry wouldn't stop saying "I told you she drank colors" over and over, even when I was thanking him. He then held a finger to his lips, and I hid under the covers.

I closed my eyes, hoping that she would think I was asleep. Henry quickly ran to Polka-Dot and gave her a hug, which I guess snapped her out of her blood lust? I don't know how Henry did it, but he managed to convince her that he had a bad dream and that there was a monster under his bed. Polka-Dot shushed him and pat his head, and I heard her lead him to one of the other beds. She slowly closed the door to the bedroom.

At 12:00 AM my dad finally showed up. He woke me up and took me to the check-in area. After my dad was done, he took my hand and we walked out of the building. I still went to that place until we moved. My mom and dad wanted to get back together, so we were moving cross-country to her house. I was so goddamn happy that I helped my dad pack our things into the moving truck.

When I went to my room to gather my stuff, I found a lollipop stuck beneath my bed. It was still wrapped, and it had a heart-shaped envelope on it. I ripped the lollipop from off my bed, and opened the envelope. I still remember what it said.

"You found my secret! You're so good at finding things! Now it's my turn! See you soon!

XOXO, Polka-Dot! :)"