Creepypasta Wiki

You're sitting at your computer desk, scanning through the /x/ stories on 4chan. You feel your eyes beginning to grow very heavy. Suddenly you notice a pop up in the task bar.

You open it, staring for a minute.

It's a black background, with nothing in it beside the scary ambience. You close the window, thinking nothing of it.

You begin reading the stories, and it pops up again. Irritated, you close it once again. It comes up again. Frustrated, you open it up reach your mouse for the small exit sign.

As you click it, a video pops up. It's of a little girl, no older than thirteen, rocking back and forth in a rocking chair, head turned to the side so you can't see her face. Then you see a terrifying sight.

She finally turns her head slowly, to see the camera. Her eyes are hollowed back in her head, her jaw is crooked and hanging off, she's pale and her eye colour is a silvery white. She stares at the camera for a good two minutes, until her eyes start dripping blood. You scoot back from your computer, and watch as the little girl slowly stands and walks towards the camera.

The pop up then closes on its own. Terrified, you slowly stand and walk upstairs to your bedroom, hoping to not think anything of it for the night.

You turn on the light.

A little girl in a rocking chair, rocking back in forth can be seen in corner of the room. She slowly turns to look at you.