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A man stands on the corner of a busy street, holding a sign that declares the end of the world is near. It also, curiously, says that God has forsaken him and the rest of humanity.

The man is Abe Samuels, a former CEO and father of two. However, this week has opened Abe to a new version of the hell in which he was living.

A car wreck killed his children, his wife left him because she couldn’t handle the stress, his company went bankrupt, and the bank froze his assets pending a lengthy investigation of the company.

So, here stands Abe Samuels, a man who sees the God in which he used to believe as having turned his almighty back to him.

As he holds the sign, taking his anger out on the cars and passers-by, a man approaches him. He wears a white suit and black pants, and he sported spiky blond hair.

“I think you’re wrong,” the spiky-haired man told Abe.

“I think you’re stupid. What’s it to you what I believe?” Abe shot back, angrily.

“It matters a lot. God hasn’t forgotten you. What has happened was all part of his plan. He is only testing you, like how your refrigerator broke this morning. This is all a test to reaffirm your faith in the Lord.” The man smiled broadly.

“Whatever,” spat Abe. “Why don’t you get out of here before I reaffirm my faith in these boots as having a steel toe? I have given up on God, just as he has given up on me. Nothing is going to change that. Now go on. Beat it!”

The man sighed and walked off, turning into a dark alleyway.

Something struck Abe as odd suddenly. He started to think about what the man had said, and how he mentioned his refrigerator breaking that morning. He hadn’t told anyone, and not just for the fact that he had no one to tell.

“Hey!” he yelled toward where the man had gone. He tossed his sign to the ground and gave chase. He knew the man couldn’t have gotten far.

However, the alley ended in a brick wall. The only thing he found in the alley was a pile of feathers. He took one look, went home, and began to pray for forgiveness.

Written by ClericofMadness
Content is available under CC BY-SA