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"Maddie, honey, please come downstairs," her mother called from downstairs.

Madison tried to get up, and did, though instantly, her head started to pound in her skull.

She walked downstairs, her head still running circles in her skull.

As she walked into the kitchen, the hard-pressed smell of cinnamon entered her nose. Her mom was standing over the stove top, most likely making her block-famous cinnamon pancakes.

"Mama..." Madison said, walking over to her mother. "I don't feel too good. My head is pounding like crazy, and my stomach hurts."

"Oh, darling, I'm so sorry!" her mother said, turning to her. "Here, I'll get you some Xycron."

Xycron is basically the end-all-be-all. Like Ibuprofen, or Tylenol in your world. But with a stark difference. It's made with Zenequin, which is not found on your planet. But you know it's not like anyone has died for Tylenol, right?

As her mom grabbed two blue pills from a small bottle in a cabinet adjacent to the stove top, something inside Madison wanted to say no, don't give me those pills, but her head hurt so much, she felt like she wasn't thinking straight. After her mom gave her the pills, she grabs a glass and swallows them down, her mother looking at her with an ominous stare.

"Maddie, honey," her mom said, patting her on the back. "Go lie down. I'll call the school and tell them you're sick. You can rest today to be ready for when you do feel better, okay?"

"Okay mom." Madison said, walking from the kitchen, past the small family office space, and into the living room. She sat down to watch some TV, her head already feeling a bit better. As she watched, some weird things started happening on the TV. Random words stuck around on the corners of the screen, flashing in and out as she switched channels. To keep herself entertained as she tried to find some cartoons to watch, she took note of what words came up, and eventually it made her blood run cold.

You're not safe there.




And as she continued to flip through channels, it got worse.

ᵢ ₐₘ ₗₒcₖₑd ₐwₐy.

ₕₑₗₚ ₘₑ

ₛₐᵥₑ YₒᵤₛₑₗF

ₛₕₑ ᵢₛ CₒₘᵢₙG Fₒᵣ Yₒᵤ

ₛₕₑ Wᵢₗₗ ₘₐₖₑ Yₒᵤ ₚₐᵣₜ ₒF ₜₕₑ CₒₗₗₑCₜᵢᵥₑ

Gₑₜ ₒᵤₜ

Gₑₜ ₒᵤₜ

Gₑₜ ₒᵤₜ

Eventually, Maddie stopped flipping channels, her eyes scared by what she had read on TV, her mind on edge. Then, her mother walked into the room, some pancakes on a plate.

"Oh Maddie baby," she says, looking to Madison. "you look pale as a ghost! Are you sure you're not sick?"

"I-the TV..." She said, her voice becoming hoarse and almost choked up "It..."

"Oh sweetie..." Her mom says. "It's fine. I'm sure after you eat and go back to bed, it will all be fine."

Madison stared at the pancakes, then back at her mother, who was walking back into the kitchen. That same nagging part of her brain again told her not to eat the food. It told her to run and hide, never see another thing again, to be afraid. But again, she didn't listen. She ate the pancakes. All of them.

Suddenly, the room began to spin again, only this time, Madison couldn't stop it. No matter if she closed her eyes, or shook her head, it didn't work. The room was still spinning, Blues and greens and red circling the room in an almost morbid display. Then she clutched her stomach. It felt like she was going to throw up.

To try and calm her mind, and her stomach, she turned on the TV yet again, hoping that the creepy words were gone. And to her credit, they were. But they were replaced by a weird symbol on the screen that no matter what channel she went to, would not go away.

It made her think of an eye, with something dripping out of it. Then it came. That horrible sick feeling. She couldn't hold back. She started puking. It wasn't even food coming out of her mouth, it was just puke. Blood. All it was was blood. Red, viscous blood. Madison looked down in horror at the aubergine color staining the carpet.

Then her stomach felt that same horrible way again. She continued to throw up, her stomach not feeling any better. Then, it stopped again. But it was because something else was coming up. She felt horrified and gross, like a cat coughing up a hairball. She continued to gag, her mouth wide open as she tried to dislodge whatever was stuck in her throat.

Then it finally came up. And as she looked down to the carpet, her face went pale. It wasn't a pancake, it wasn't blood, it was a bone. She couldn't tell what bone it was, as it was mangled due to it scratching her throat. She tried to scream, but her voice was gone. she tried to scream as hard as she could, but all that came was a mild, almost non-existent squeak.

Then she looked to the office, where her mother was standing, looking at her, but not doing anything. And as she continued to puke blood and bones, her mother just stood there, watching.

And as Madison watched the world go dark, her mother just said only one thing.

"Another in the Collective. The God will be proud of me."