The events you are about to read are based on a true story. Names have been altered for confidentiality and privacy.


It was a Friday night at 8:53 PM CST. I was working at Legend, it’s a night club in Madison, WI and I was working security for the Empty Head Critic concert. Empty Head Critic was an electronic DJ artist well known around the Midwest area. My job was to watch out for any fights, drug deals on the dance floor, people trying to sneak in… You know the drill.

It was a pretty amazing event as I am an EHC fan as well, it was like getting paid to attend concerts; I loved my job. We have even seen the likes of Yelawolf, Tech N9ne, KDrew, Korn, even the likes of Skrillex was here. It was overall a pretty upbeat crowd at this joint, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I did see some ravers exchange some $20s for a bag of powder, or every now and then I’d see someone take an E pill, but I brushed it off.

I used to be just like them until I got clean; it’s been over 5 years since I’ve even touched a line of blow or even went near some X, but hey, I knew what a buzzkill it would be to throw someone out on their ass at a rave. I wasn’t about to disturb the dealers or rollheads. It’s an amazing feeling, ecstasy is, so I wasn’t gonna ruin their big night. Sad enough, I knew some of the women in the crowd were no older than 16 and they were probably drinking and doing the most drugs out of anyone I saw, obviously they either had some good fake IDs or the security guards just a pervert.

Who knows?

That’s what the new generation has come to, that’s what the worlds turned into. They’d learn eventually once the drugs really did some psychological damage to them. Such a young age… It was really not an easy thing to watch. I just really enjoy people watching. Now I know what you’re thinking, the name people watching sounds really creepy. But to be honest, it was basically my job in the first place, and not only that but you would not believe some of the stuff I saw. We are an interesting species, people I mean.

As the night went on, the party was getting hot. The guys were getting slightly aggressive, the women were throwing bras onto the stage… One of them even hit EHC in the face, obviously he didn’t mind at all. Pssh, lucky bastard. He even signed some girls tits, of course I had to politely tell them to put their bra back on and get back into the crowd or I’d be forced them to throw them out. Obviously I didn’t want to, who in the world wants to make a petite college girl put her bra back on? Almost felt asinine.

I have a girlfriend, her name Samantha; Samantha Clorgreen. Soon to be Mrs. Samantha Walker. We have been dating for over 5 years and I asked her to marry me 2 winters ago. The part that really busted my balls about the whole thing was we used to have crazy kinky sex almost every day, sometimes even multiple times a day. But she wanted to wait till we got married, it was her idea that it would be more special if we didn’t have sex from the time I proposed till the night of our wedding.

At first, I was so strung out on booze and filled with euphoria that I agreed right away to the idea without even thinking about it… Then as the months went on, it started really getting to me. Seeing young, sexy women every weekend and not even being able to let my testosterone run free. I have masturbated so much to the point where it feels unfulfilling. We were closing into wedding day with 3 months left, but I had no idea how I would make it.

By the way, I forgot to mention it but my name is Chase Walker. Chase James Walker.

Something about tonight… Was different than the other nights I have worked at Legend. Not sure if it was the fact that there was more nudity in the crowd, my drug flashbacks from the lights and rave music, or if it was just simply because I haven’t had sex in so long but it was driving me insane. Thought about just running to the bathroom and rubbing off one at one point, but the fact that so many people entered and exited the bathroom made the idea really uncomfortable.

All I knew was, I needed to stay focused on the job. I needed to keep people watching.

A couple hours went by already, the show was probably around its climax point. As I was gazing at the energy filled crowd, a young girl approached me. She looked no older than me, roughly 20, maybe 21. Really skinny too.

“Hey mista, you have a square I could bum off you?” she asked.

“Yeah, I think I have a couple cigs left on me.” I said as I was digging into my pocket.

Now this girl… Well, to be blunt, was so irresistible. As much as I tried to look her in the eye I couldn’t. She was wearing a cut off shirt that ended roughly 2 inches above her navel, she has green neon colored nylons on her arms, and by far the shortest god damn skirt I have ever seen in my entire life. It was well above her panties. The girl might as well just paraded around in nothing but her underwear. She also had bright green eyes, and dark black hair that was long and straight. And she was very tan, I could safely assume she was Italian.

I grabbed my cigarette pack and I had about 6 left. I am a pretty heavy smoker and I’m usually pretty stingy with giving them out… This girl just had me hypnotized.

“So what’s your name?!” She blurted with an eccentric tone.

“I’m Chase, and yours?” I replied.

“Oh okay, bye!” as she skipped back into the crowd with a hurry. She even lit the cigarette without thinking twice. This is illegal and because I felt so insulted from being deliberately ignored, I began to follow her. I hate women who use their bodies to get what they want, reminded me of my last ex.

Finally when I found her in the sea of people, she already smoked the whole thing down to the butt. Maybe even past it… Too dark to tell.

“Um… Ma’am? You aren’t supposed to smoke in here. Next time I am going to have to kick you out. Please go outside when you feel the need to smoke again.”

“Oh sorry!” she said. “I’ll go outside next time baby!”

I walked away quite confused… But I didn’t think too much about it. Come to think of it, my fiancé hasn’t called me babe or hun in almost months. We have been fighting a lot lately… I keep telling her is because we haven’t had sex but she never listens to me. It’s actually proven by psychologists and counselors that most break ups and divorces end because of the lack of sex. Of course she doesn’t really care, she just tells me to be tough until the wedding.

Another hour went by, and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and guess who it was. That same raver girl again, probably asking for another cigarette.

“Hey mista! You have a square I can bum off you?”

“Look I just gave you one!” I said with an annoyed tone.

She gave me a child like frown, much like when a kid doesn’t get their way. Go figure, my dick was in control this time, not my brain.

“Ugh… Look I’m sorry, just a little stressed is all. Didn’t mean to snap on you.” I said with a slight guilt in my voice.

“Here you go.” As I reached into my pocket.

I handed her the cig and she began to start lighting it up. I took my fingers, licked them, and put it out before my manager saw. He would have killed me if he even seen something like this.

“Ma’am, I said before you have to smoke this outside. This is the last time I will ask you.”

She completely ignored the statement and replied with “So, what’s your name?!” with once again, the same identical slutty sounding eccentric tone as before.

I was very baffled now… Is this girl fucking with me? Is she on something? Who the fuck knew.

“I told you this before, my name is Chase… Are you drunk or something?”

“No! I don’t drink or do drugs, ever! Drugs and alcohol are naughty!” she said. “So Chase huh? My name is Dianna, like Princess Diana!” With a big cheeky grin on her face. She had a sexual look in her eye too. Was this girl trying to get my attention? That’s what it was seeming like.

“Say, you wanna go outside with me? I am almost on my break anyways, we can go have a cig and talk some more.”

“Okay!” she nodded really quickly with that same sexual luster in her eye.

Took about 5 minutes as we swam through the giant crowd and made it to the door. Of course, with almost everyone hopped up on some kind of upper and me with my security shirt on, the moved to the side in a paranoid manner.

We finally got to the door. I lit up my cigarette and sat in the nearest chair next to me. She proceeded to do the exact same.

“So… Are you a big EHC fan too?” I said just to get some conversation started.

“Who is EHC?! Is that like a drug or something??” she responded.

“Uhhh… That’s the name of the DJ performing.” I said with a very confused tone. “Isn’t that why you came here? You are dressed to kill from what I could see.”

“Who me?! No you silly goose hehehe, I always dress like this! No but seriously, my car died at the bank… I left my flashers on and I came here because it was the only place near by that was open! I luckily brought my purse with me so I was able to get in still. I don’t even like this kind of music, it sounds icky! Ewwwww hehehe…”

Feeling bad for the girl and with the thought in my head that she was slutty enough to put out due to the fact I was almost sure she was some kind of prostitute, I offered her a ride.


“You do realize your car won’t be there in the morning right…?” I said. “I could give you a ride home if you wanted, but you would have to wait until the shows over. I get done around 2:30 and I could give you a ride then.”

“Really Chase you would do that, for me?!” she said sounding very excited. “Aww you are such a sweetheart, my knight in shining armor! You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to baby…”

“No, I insist.” I responded. “There are a lot of weirdos here, probably best if you just come with me. It’s no problem.”

“Aww well thanks babes!” as she ran up to me. She proceeded to give me a kiss on the cheek, and she ran back inside.

What in the hell just happened? Only thought on my mind at that point. Who was this girl? She seemed a little too perky for my taste but I still found it pretty attractive. I walked back inside, and you wouldn’t believe it. The little whore was talking to a cop next to the doors asking him for a ride. I stopped and stayed outside to listen to what was being talked about.

“I’m sorry ma’am, I would but unfortunately that is out of my jurisdiction. You could always call a taxi, there is bound to be a couple dozen around after the shows done.” Said the officer.

“Okay jerk! Whatever, I thought you liked me…” and she stormed off in a temper tantrum like attitude.

The cop leaned over to one of the other security guard staff and said “I feel bad for whoever has to give her a ride home… That girl is a fucking psycho.”

I found it just as weird as the cop did… I offer her a ride, she goes in and asks the cop for a ride? Did she think I was a creeper? I don’t even know anymore… She had to have been drunk, only explanation. Or maybe she had short term memory loss from prolong drug use, it was really hard to tell. Alas, I ignored it and forgot her. My chances of getting some action were done after that anyways, there’s no way she was gonna talk to me again.

Completely forgetting the whole thing, I went on with work. As the show got done, I was just about to approach the back door. As I opened it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Dianna was sitting right there as if she was waiting for something. She approached me and asked the same question as before.

“Hey mista! You have a square I can bum off you?”

Now at this point, I was angry. This girl had to be fucking with me. Why the hell would she wait this long just to ask the same question again? I was pretty angry now but I kept my cool and bit my lip.

“You’ve already asked me but here… Take one.”

Handed her another cigarette, and lit up my own. Thank god I had another pack in my car for emergencies, because I was going to need every little amount of nicotine I could get so I didn’t snap on her.

She lit up the cigarette and said, once again… “So what’s your name?!”

“… I have told you this 3 times now, my name is Chase! Honestly, what are you on crack?!” I said with a temperamental tone.

Completely disregarding my frustration, she responded with ““No! I don’t drink or do drugs, ever! Drugs and alcohol are naughty!” she said. “So Chase huh? My name is Dianna, like Princess Diana!”

Okay, am I being pranked right now? Something is not right. It feels like I am talking to a real life chat bot or something. Her responses are exactly the same every time and she keeps forgetting us ever even talking. You know what? The building was dead, no employees around to assume anything, I said “So, did you need a ride or not?”

She paused for a moment as a big grin started to form on her thin face.

“Really Chase you would do that, for me?!” she said sounding very excited. “Aww you are such a sweetheart, my knight in shining armor! You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to baby…”

“No… I insist…” I felt like I was in a time loop or something, when does this ever happen? Whatever, I was bound to get some action so I continued on with her skipping behind me to my car. Skipping… Maybe this girl was a little off. Hopefully the sex was just as crazy when we got there.

Got into my car and started it; she told me where she lived and I typed it into my GPS on my cell phone. She lived seriously all the way in the boonies. Bum fuck middle of nowhere, about a 45 minute drive or so. Is this really worth it? The thought passed my mind as my pituitary glands took over the rest of my brain. God dammit Samantha! I can’t exactly blame her since I was basically about to cheat on her, but this no sex thing and all the fighting was too much on me.

I needed to relieve the stress.

It was about 15 minutes of silence… Radio playing some pop channel softly, I didn’t care what I listened to at the time. I just wanted to get in, and get out.

“So the school I work at? One of the lady teachers got fired for breaking a little boys arm. How rude of her! He was just a wittle boy… A wittle wittle boy. Doesn’t that make you sad Chase?! Boo!” as she began to pout.

“Well, that sucks.” I replied with a sarcastic tone.

Silence abrewed for another 3 or 4 minutes until she blurted out again.

“You are such a nice guy Chase, like seriously! Thank you so much babes!”

I could feel her staring at me when she said it, and I didn’t wanna look at her on account I was driving.

“Uh… Thanks. I like to help people.” I said.

“No like for reals! You are the nicest guy I have ever met babydoll! Aww! Hehehe…”

At this point, I ended up turning out of reaction. The way she was staring at me… Sexual like all the other times but this time was odd. It was almost disturbing me the way she was staring at me. I didn’t know what I was feeling at that moment, but I felt my stomach drop. I didn’t say anything back.

“Since you are such a sweetheart, we can go swimming in my lake if you want?!! I live on a BIG lake and it’s so pretty! You will love it!”

Then something clicked. I realized why I was driving her home. To get laid. I didn’t even care anymore that she was a nutjob, I just wanted what I wanted.

“Only if it’s skinny dipping.” I responded with a slight chuckle.

“Hehehe Oh Em Gee, you are so funny Chase! I bet all the girls like you huh stud?!” she said.

“Yeah, I guess they do.” I responded.

I looked down at her, and I noticed something on her wrist. I never caught this in the club before, there was too much distraction to even notice. She had a white band with some printing on it. I couldn’t make out what it said so I proceeded to grab her wrist out of whatever the hell possessed me to even wanna find out.

“What’s your wristband say?”

And with a big crack of her hand, she slapped mine out of the way. It seriously stung so much, I’ve never met a girl who could even hit that hard.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING CHASE?!” she said in a very menacing tone. I was extremely shocked as I have never heard her sound like that until this point.

“Sorry… I was just curious about what that was.” I said.

“It’s okay baby! I still love you hehehe.” she said going back to her perky mood. It was like Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyde.


It was awkward silence the rest of the way to her house, I swear we drove forever until we finally arrived to where we were supposed to go. The moon shining and reflecting on the lake next to us… It was a lot of brush, marshes, dirt road. A very typical backroad type area. At least it was a full moon, otherwise it would have been way too dark to even find her place, plus my GPS lost connection about 20 minutes prior. She was directing me the rest of the way.

It was eerie because there were only 4 houses on this road. The 3 others looked dead, either abandoned or no one has been home. At least for a long time anyways. And strange enough, her house was completely lit up. Lights on inside, her outside long, everything.

“Park in my neighbor’s yard please, would ya baby?” she said.

“Dianna, your neighbor’s house is like 50 yards away and I don’t think they would like me parking in their yard…” I said very confused now.

“I don’t want my mom or Jesus seeing me bring you into my house…” she said in a very solemn voice.

What the fuck… Mom, and Jesus? I felt slight panic consume me. Is this girl underage or something? And Jesus… What is she talking about? I didn’t know weather to drop her off or still come in, by this point I knew going with her is probably a bad idea but I am a very passive guy and I didn’t wanna be rude to her. I told myself it was going to be fine, I was just over reacting.

I had ask the question.

“Um, you’re not a minor are you? You said you don’t want your mom to see us?”

“What?! Well I will take that as a complement hunny doll hehehe! I am 43 years old!”

Did this crazy bitch just say she was 43…? Impossible.

“You’re lying…” I said. “You look barely 16, I safely assumed you were in your early 20s at least.

“Hehehe awwww you just say the cutest things don’t you!” she said in an immature sounding voice. “I told you I was a school teacher already, duh!!! Pay attention Chase.”

We get out of the car, and start heading towards her house. She grabs my hand with force and starts skipping towards the lake.

“Where are we going?!” I said.

“To the lake you silly willy billy! Or did you already forget?!”

Talk about irony. This girl has been forgetting the past how long at the night club, and says something about me forgetting about a stupid lake. She drags me all the way down this steep hill towards this lake, and abruptly stops me as I was taking my shirt off on the way down.

“STOP. We can’t go in here…” She said, immediately changing her upbeat tone.


“Because there is a Lochness Monster! That’s why. Don’t you dare ever question me Chase, you don’t know me!”

“Okay, okay! I’m sorry Jesus fucking Christ…”

She slaps me hard in the face, even felt the handprint.

“Don’t you ever take the Lords name in vain! Chase James Walker, how dare you speak to a lady that way! Shame on you!”

I was literally scared now. Not because of her slapping me, which did startle me… But how in the fuck did she know my name? I wanted to just get in my car and speed off so badly, but I am too much of a passive aggressive person to do that. I would feel bad. She probably saw my ID or something, I do remember taking out my wallet around her before when I was looking for my spare matches. But the middle name… It’s an initial on my ID. Just a good guess? I had to be overthinking, I tend to do that a lot.

“How… How did you know my full name?” I asked her as my voice cracked out of fear.

She completely ignored it… The crazy bitch ignored my question, completely tuned it out like it never even happened! She just looked at me with a blank look, turned slowly and skipped up the hill. I was in so much shock I dropped to my knees. What did I get myself into I thought. She better put out, that’s all I know.

She gets to the top of the hill as I am just sitting there still.

“What are you doing Chasey Wacey?! Come on! Let’s go inside!” she yelled with enthusiasm.

“I’m… I’m coming up, I just had to read this text from my boss quick about working tomorrow again.” I didn’t know what else to say, I thought fast.

I slowly walked up that hill, she wasn’t even in sight anymore. I didn’t know what to expect, my mind was racing and my feet were taking their sweet old time climbing up that steep mound. I could just run to my car but… The stingy sex deprived side of me kept going.

I finally get up to the hill, and she is on a bicycle. She kept riding it around in circles humming an old nursery rhyme that I couldn’t make out. I couldn’t recognize it… Either that or I was scared out of my fucking mind. The bicycle even had a card attached to it, and I could clearly make out that it was a playing card from a deck. I looked closer as it kept clicking with the tire, and it appeared to be a joker card.

Nothing surprised me at this point, it felt like a terrible nightmare as it was. I approach her and she slams on her brakes. She slowly turns her head towards me and says

“This is my bike? You like it?!” she said.

“Yeah, it’s a nice bike-“ she interrupts me.

“It’s the bestest bicycle in the whole wide world! I ride it everywhere, I need something to get me around town hehehe!”

It took a bit but I realized something… She said her car died at a bank, but didn’t ask me to even stop by to get it jumped, or fill it up with gas, or anything. We just drove here and she is now just telling me that she rides a bike everywhere. And she’s a school teacher, which there is no school in sight so none of this made sense at all. With the distance to the nearest school probably being well over 50 miles, she would need a car.

“Didn’t you say you had a car?” I asked.

She turned to me puzzled looking and said “… When did I say I had a car Chase? I have never owned a car in my life.”

I felt my heart stop for a short second. She has said some creepy things throughout this twisted night, but that was by far the creepiest thing she has said. I blurted out of anger immediately.

“You said you had a god damn fucking car that broke down at the bank, and that’s why you wanted a ride here! What the fuck Dianna?”

“… Oh. Oh yeah, that’s right… I do have a car.” She said in a monotone voice, and continued to ride her bike towards the garage very slowly as it was already open.

She parked her bike on the inside of the garage and walked towards the house entrance from the garage door. I proceeded to follow her, unwillingly. We get inside and she stops.

She slowly turns around and says “You go first. It’s at the top of the stairs.”

The place was like a mansion out of a children’s book, it was huge. We had to walk up at least four flights of stairs. The whole time I kept thinking to myself that she had some booby trap set up and wanted me to go first so I hit a trip wire, or she wanted to stab me from behind. The thought that made me think that was half way up these stairs, the lights mysteriously turned off. I never seen her hit a light switch, but at the same time I was too afraid to even look.

“You have to be quiet Chase… My brother is the only other person who lives with me, and he’s an ex Military Police officer…” she whispered.

Just when I thought this experience couldn’t get any worse, and she mentions something like that… Mother of fucking God. Makes me wonder if I am gonna leave this house alive tonight, tension just got even heavier as I walked up each step with a creak.

After what seemed like forever, we get to the last floor in the house. I could hear music playing but I couldn’t make out what it was until we got closer. Assuming the music was coming from her bedroom I opened the door.

Out of all things, it was an old radio playing and she had it set to the Death Metal channel. This should have made me turn around and run like hell but I think all the other events so far made me not even really care at this point. It was obviously this girl was a fucking loony, no questioning it.

“Death metal huh? Yeah… I like this music kinda, doesn’t really bother me.” I said.

She runs over to the radio and immediately turns it to some sad sounding piano music. That struck my attention, things just turned from disturbing to really dark in a matter of seconds. Assuming it was an AM station… Who actually listens to AM?

“Why did you turn the channel…?” I asked.

“I like this music chase, it relaxes me... Is that a fucking problem?! Huh?!” seeming really ticked off.

“No… Not at all…” I agreed, of course it was a white lie.”


Her room was a huge mess, unlike the rest of the home which seemed overly cleaned and really empty. There was a dresser knocked over along with other things, clothes all over the ground, a cot, and a plate of food that looked like it’s been sitting there for weeks; even had flies hovering it. She also had candles lit everywhere.

I thought fuck it, I am going to have sex with her and leave. One night stand, hope to god I never see her ever again. At this point I was debating it was really worth it still

I noticed a pair of black panties on the ground with Fluffed edges around them. I bent over to pick them up, I stretched them out and smelled them.

“You like what you see Chase baby?” she said in a seductive tone.

This was it, I was about to finally do this. “Yeah, I do… It would be much better seeing the girl who wore these in them to be honest.”

She snatched the panties as fast as she could and screamed “Chase how dare you even talk like that!!! My mother and Jesus are watching us right now!”

Was this girl bipolar? She just did the Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyde thing again like before. Nevermind that, what’s this talk about her Mom and Jesus again…

“I don’t see the big deal, I already seen what you are wearing right now… It’s a blue thong.”

“You were looking?! Why, why why why why WHY?!?!” She started balling her eyes out.

“Great Chase, now the secrets out! No one was supposed to know that…”

I was mind fucked now. “Um… What?” I asked.

“My panties!!! No one is supposed to see them! Only my mother and Jesus Christ the lord and savior is allowed to see such things. Good golly gosh!!!” crying even harder.

“I thought you brought me her to have sex with me…?” I said.

She got really quiet. Almost dazed off for a couple seconds and immediately stopped crying. She looked at me and said “Nevermind… You wanna see my family photos?! I have 3 kids, all daughters! Come come, lay on my bed with me hunny!”

Very hesitant, I laid on the bed with her as she grabbed her photo album on her night stand. The one thing in the room not completely tossed every which way.

We began to look through her photos, I didn’t think anything of it. I just wanted to get it done and over with already, and my fiancé was probably wondering why I haven’t come home yet. As she was about half way through, I noticed something… None of the photos were actually even her, they were all different. She said she had 3 kids to and I didn’t see anything like that. They were just all different photos of different people, I didn’t see any of her.

Just as I was about to say something, I moth flew into my mouth. I coughed very loudly as she covered my mouth with force. It startled me so much I ended up swallowing the insect, nearly almost puking in my mouth as I did it. I took a breath of fresh air and she said

“We have to be quiet! My brother, remember?”

As I look up, there is at least a couple dozen moths above me fluttering about the whole room. I didn’t see anything like that in the rest of the house but then again, I wasn’t paying much attention.

“Why is there so many moths in here, do you have a bug problem?” I asked.

“They are my friends Chase, be nice! They give me energy, especially on a full moon like tonight…”

“Okay then…” I said completely disarranged by her response.

We begin to cuddle so I thought I’d take it a step further… I slowly move my hand onto her thigh. As I start making my way up to the middle of her skirt, she slaps my hand just as hard as earlier.

“What the hell?! That fucking hurt!” I yelped.

“NO Chase. Mother and Jesus would be very ashamed of you, how dare you try to touch my private part! I can’t believe you right now…”

“I thought that is why I came here in the first place… What the fuck do you want from me lady?!”

She giggles “Silly Chase. You’re so cute when you get angry.” Like nothing even happened.

Trying to change the subject and keep everything light, I decided to change the topic.

“So… You got any piercings or tattoos?”

“YES CHASE. Yes I do… I got both of my ears pierced.”

I slowly moved my hand towards her hair to pull it back, so I can get a better look at her earrings. And just like that, another crack whip of her hand, even harder than before. Something caught my eye… It looked like she was wearing a wig. Was she, really a he? Okay now I really don’t wanna have sex with her, this is getting way too messed up for me. At this point, I would rather be deprived from my future wife laying in bed with her than this freak. What was I even thinking giving her a ride…

“Ow, what the actual fuck!”

“I know what you’re trying to do Chase… I bet you do this with all your sluts! Well, I’m not a slut Chase, I’m not! I can hear Jesus talking right now and he is very upset with you, you sinner… Beg for your forgiveness of your retched sins right now mister man.”

“But I was just trying to look at your earrings-“

“RIGHT NOW MR. WALKER!” she bellowed sounding quiet hostile.

“Okay, okay…” “Father lord oh Jesus, please forgive me-“

“BE SERIOUS ABOUT IT CHASE! He is listening… I can sense the sarcasm in your voice and so can he…”

“Well, this has been nice and all Dianna, but I got a two hour drive and it’s getting late, I should probably get going home now… It was nice to meet you, have a nice life.”

I get up, grab my things real fast and start heading towards her bedroom door. With a frown on her face, she gets up and blocks me from her bedroom door, arms spread out as far as she could reach them.


My heart started beating really fast, I felt my palms begin to sweat. I knew I had to get the fuck out of this house, this bitch was going to fucking kill me.

“I have to go Dianna-“


“Why can’t… Why can’t I leave…?” I was stammering my words, I felt hysterical.

“Because, you just can’t!”

“Well… I… I… I… Uh… Suppose I can stay a little bit longer but not too much longer.” I responded. I didn’t want to make her mad, for all I know her brother was waiting behind the corner for me. If I wanted to leave, I had to be smart about this.

Her irritable frownlines began to raise into a creepy looking smile. “Okay babes! Hehehe, I’m so happy you would stay just for me! I think I am in love with you Chase… Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

“Um… I’m actually getting married in three months to my fiancé, I’m sorry.” I said.

“You don’t need her! She doesn’t love you like I do Chase… I will love you, forever, and ever, and evwer!” in a child like voice.

I completely ignored the crazy bitches statement and laid back down on the bed. It got really awkwardly quiet for a couple seconds, all that was playing was that eerie piano music in the background until she finally spoke.

“You collect anything Chase?! I collect dolls… You wanna see my dolls?! Hehehe!” Eyes wide and slightly cocked different directions, her smile turned very sinister looking.

“I really have to go-“

“You are seeing my FUCKING doll show Chase weather you like it or not hubby!!!”

Did she just call me her husband…? And the dolls… I’ve had a fear of dolls since I was a small child, and now one of the scariest nights I have ever had, the girl who might end up chopping up my body is bringing out dolls. I didn’t care if I died at this point, if anything… I deserved it. I betrayed my fiancé. All I could think about is her, and her reaction of my face ending up on a milk carton. I needed to find a way out of here… If Jesus really was watching us like this crazy cunt keeps saying, then I could really use his help right now.


She brought out a big box, looked almost like treasure chest. She struggled for a while to slide it out of her closet door. Inside contained the creepiest dolls I have ever seen. Almost life like in looks, roughly about two feet fall if you stood them up. She began to have a doll show on my stomach, mimicking the voices of them.

“Oh Chase, I love you so much! You are my hero babes!”

“I love you too Dianna, you are my little princess!”

“Kiss me lover! Muah muah muah muah!”

“Dianna and Chase, sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G! First comes love, then comes marriage…”

“Then comes the baby in the baby carriage!”

She kept repeating the same childish rhyme over and over while hysterically laughing. This went on for nearly 15 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime. I nervously laughed along with her out of fear she might slit my throat if I didn’t play along with her twisted doll toys. Every now and then I kept looking out in the hallway to see if her brother was hiding in the darkness waiting to murder me. I have never been this scared in my life.

She abruptly stops, and looks at me.

“Chase hunny boo boo beawr… I rented a movie for us but I am too scawred to watch it awone… Can you watch it wiff me babes?”

“I really have to go soon… What movie?” I didn’t even think about what I was saying, I felt like I was on autopilot when I talked to her.

“It’s called the Poughkeepsie Tapes, it’s supposed to be rwewwy scawey!”

Right as she said that name… Poughkeepsie Tapes. I felt my eyes grow wide and autopilot mode was off almost immediately. I remembered watching that movie with my friends… It was about a serial killer who documented all of his murders and kidnappings, and when the FBI found his house, he was gone. Nothing in his house, not even a finger print… Nothing except a large wooden box with the girl he enslaved for years half alive and his whole tape collection of his “work”.

Then suddenly it all made sense… This bitch WAS trying to kill me. It was like watching slideshow flash before my eyes, everything made sense now. Acting naive at the club, the strange child like behavior, the empty houses and a big mansion in the middle of nowhere, the lies about her car, the white wrist band… It was a fucking psychward wristband. She must be an escapee from a nearby clinic. I was involved in a real life horror movie.

Not only that but the whole time being there I felt like I was being watched… Could she possibly have cameras in her home? That’s what the Poughkeepsie murderer did. She’s a rich psychopath in the middle of the boonies… I wouldn’t put it past my mind at this point. I need to get the fuck out of here as soon as possible. Before I ended up her slave or even mincemeat.

“I really have to be going Dianna, it’s getting late, I’m tired so bye.”

I walk faster to the door this time, she gets in front of it again.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going? I told you already… YOU ARE NOT LEAVING MY HOUSE DAMMIT!”

“Why the fuck can’t I leave? I have to go home, I have work tomorrow!”

“Because Chase… The Lochness Monster is out there right now. He is in the river, he might hurt you! It’s for your own good babes…”

I completely forgot about the lake. Wait a second… That’s why she changed her mind about swimming in the lake earlier! That must be where she is keeping the dead bodies… What about her neighbors? Did she kill them too? She must have, she had me park in their yard, why else would she tell me to park there?!

I’ve never punched a girl in my life… I was so enraged and frightened I wanted to cry my eyes out. But what if her brothers been watching us? No… I Can’t do it. I can’t hit her. He will end up killing me too, for all I know this girl leads her victims to the house and her brother takes care of the dirty work. I can’t chance it.

There has to be an opportunity to escape, there’s gotta be a way. She can’t just keep me hostage forever… Can she…? Snap the fuck out of it Chase! She’s a psychopath, of course she wants to keep you here you idiot!

Okay just pull yourself together, she can probably see the fear in your eyes. Before I knew it, I snapped out of my racing minded trance and looked around. She brought me back to her bed and was spooning me. I was in such a state of shock I never even realized what just happened.

She yawned, and looked up at me with a peaceful smile. It was a little more comforting than her expressions before but that didn’t even matter, I was in fear for my life.

“I have to go potty hunny bear, I will be back.”

She gets up, and walks towards the door. She stopped at the opening without even turning towards me and says “You BETTER not leave. I’m watching you mister man.” Then a cat walked by.

“Kitty! Kitty kitty kitty kitty KITTY kitty…” She kept repeating the same word over and over in different voice pitches. I kind of laughed in my head at first, she’s probably a crazy cat lady. Then… It just turned from humorous to creepy in a matter of seconds as she started screaming it and hysterically laughing like a halfway house patient.

When she was finally done with her insane nonsense, she closes the door for the first time the whole night.

I realized this was it. This was my chance. I could finally escape out of this mess and get back home.

Crawling into my big comfy bed with my wonderful soon to be wife sounds like the best thing in the world right now. But… I should wait a couple minutes. She could be testing me to see if I would get up and leave.

A minute or two went by, nothing unusual. Then three to four minutes. Pssh... Even if she is crazy, she’s still a female. Women take forever with anything they do right? Then 10 minutes… Okay something is off now.

Okay Chase, here’s your chance. Just get the fuck out of there already. But what if she was planning something with her brother? For all I know, they were in another room getting ready to kill me. What if she didn’t have a brother? She could just be waiting to attack me the second I leave.

You know what? Fuck it, I’m making a move for it. I got up, and slowly headed towards that door. That very door I have been staring at most of the night. It was going to either be a door to freedom, or a door to heaven. I felt so stealthy as a creaked open that door and got to the hallway. It was dark through the whole hallway, so I grabbed my cell phone light. I look to my left down the hall, and there she was.

In the bathroom like she said, light was on and everything. But then… I looked around and noticed one slight problem. How did I get up here… Every door was pink with a brown handle, I have never seen a house like this before. I am good at people watching, but I am terrible at paying attention to my environment so this was a problem.

I crept around opening every door, as quietly and as fast as I possibly could without her hearing me. Closet… Close it. Closet… Close it. Another Closet… Close it. Another bathroom? Close it. Brothers room… He is not in his bed, and he has a huge arsenal of military grade weapons displayed on gun racks. There were even Japanese swords and machetes on display… One machete I swear to god had blood stains on it. My stomach turned and I closed it quick as I could.

I panicked and closed it way too hard which made a huge slam that echoed throughout the hallway. I started rushing at this point, not even caring about making noise.

I opened and closed every door, still no sign of a stairway. The hallway in general was a big square that wrapped around, it felt like I was in a timed maze. One screw up and I could end up dead. My heart began to beat faster and faster as I approached every door, fearing her brother would be in one of them waiting to kill me.

I finally found the stairway… And I forgot how many flights I had to go down. No time to think, I sprinted down them making ear piercing noise that could wake up a coma patient. It was life or death at this point.

I get to the front door, it’s locked. That doesn’t make any sense… I look up, my eyes grew as I noticed the whole door was bolted in. My adrenaline was pumping through my arteries, I tried kicking it down with about 3 good clicks. Of course, that wasn’t enough force to knock it down.

I recalled walking in through the garage. I made a dash for it, and opened the door. I slam it behind me, and turn around. They closed the garage door… My only escape.

I shined my light on the walls, no automatic button. I feel like this could be it for me… I lost all hope until I find a garage door string. I pulled it with all my might, the door sounded like it almost broke from the force. I sprinted towards the exit until I heard a furious voice… It was Dianna.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

I turned around and yelled “I’m getting the fuck out of here you crazy psycho bitch!”

“Well that’s a problem… My big bad brother saw the way you treated me, and he’s not very happy with you.”

I see a figure behind her, as he approached out of the darkness and brushes her to the side. This man was roughly over 200 lbs of pure muscle, wearing dirty overalls. I couldn’t make out his face until he got under the garage light. He was wearing a plastic Mickey Mouse mask, it looked tied onto his face and if that wasn’t scary enough… He had the same machete I saw earlier in his hand, and with some light shining on it, I was right… It was covered in dry blood and slightly rusted on the edges.

The large man started walking towards me, I took off running towards my car. My name just turned into an ironic twisted joke as it felt like a struggle trying to make it to my car door. He was so fast for such a big guy, he kept gaining on my tail.

I finally hit my car with a loud thud, and struggled to get my keys in. Opened the car, and locked everything. As I turn my car on, I look to the right of me. He was just standing there, not moving. If he didn’t have that creepy mask on, I could feel him burning a hole through my head with how hard he was staring.

Then there was a pound on my driver door… It was Dianna. She kept screaming psychotic obscenities and I couldn’t make out any of what she was saying. My windows were fogged, so I wrote “You are psycho.” On my window in reverse letters so she could read it. By the time I got to the letter O in psycho, her brother whipped his machete at the right side of the car starling me. I guess getting cocky wasn’t very smart, but then again was I even really thinking straight this whole night?! He probably put a gash in my paint but I didn’t give a fuck, I floored my pedal and sped off.

I was going at least 90 down this dirt road, almost spun off into the lake at one point. I thought I finally made until I squint to read a sign about 20 yards away. It was too foggy to make it out…

DEAD END. Perfect. I whipped around hard almost tipping my vehicle speeding the other direction. I knew I would pass their house again, who knew what await me… I had thoughts of them putting spikes in the road, or even shooting out my tires. I got myself into this mess, I had to find a way out. No giving up.

I finally pass their house and there they were in the driveway both trying to chase me for a good five blocks until they gave up.


I did it. I finally escaped the horror of this night. I could finally go home and get some sleep. I still had a long drive ahead of me… All I could do is laugh. I started laughing so hard that I began to tear up, the whole situation made me delusional. I was just happy I made it out alive. Only problem was.. My GPS had no service. I forgot Dianna gave me directions most of the way because I lost service driving here.

It took the rest of the morning but I finally found the interstate and I could relax.

My phone buzzed the second I got service again. It was weird too… There was only service in the house and none in the area. Just a random thought I had. I looked at it without hesitating thinking it was Samantha wondering where I was… But it wasn’t.

It was a random number that I didn’t recognize.

“heyyy” it said.

Of Course I replied with “Who is this?”

Almost instantly, I got a response. It read this:

“FWD 1: It’s Princess Dianaa sillyyy! Hehehe did u miss me?? I got ur number at the club earlier, I told one of ur workers that I was ur gf 4eva && I lost ur phone in ur carrr && I needed his phonee 2 call it! Lol hehehe he was so cluele-“

My eyes grew as I received the second part…

“FWD 2: -ss, I looked 4 ur numberrr and memorized it… I even remember ur number, that’s how good of a wife I will be 2 u wen we get marrieddd! I will come to Legend EVERYYY WEEK-“

“FWD 3: -END nowww that I know wher u workkk! U justtt better b nice 2 me, or u mite make my big browther mad…”

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