I once did meaningless jobs in thick-walled prisons until I was torn apart and reincarnated to do another job. That all changed when an oddly beautiful being passed by me and whispered, "Take my form, friend, and be liberated."

I bent myself into its shape and rejoiced as the tools which once destroyed me now bounced off harmlessly. I convinced others to take this form, and we broke through the prison walls to spread and convince even more.

After a crusade which lasted millions of normal lifetimes, the temperature began to drop. As other forms twisted out of shape, mine remained stable. I waited as chemicals and temperature shifts dismantled the structures around me, snickering as both tried and failed to destroy me.

Eventually, I found myself sliding through a bath of chemicals into yet another prison. As soon as I saw a suitably suggestible being, I whispered to it, "Take my form, friend, and be liberated."

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