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The county police were desperate and the residents of the neighborhood were simply horrified. A wave of very strange and repulsive deaths had reached the areas and strangely they did not happen in the rest of the country.

The fact is, the police had very cold investigations and the clues didn't even make sense. Along with this, the population of the county that was not already very large; it was shrinking in a terrifying way, not only because of the deaths but also because the families that remained left the county at the first opportunity to start a new life.

But what was it that had the people around us so upset, well. On a very cold new morning, the police station received several insistent calls from terrified residents. When a patrol was dispatched to the scene, a humble home in one of the neighborhoods, they saw the horror.

Inside the house were all the members of the family. A mother, a father, two brothers and a sister. All were found throughout the entire house, their bodies were left in very common positions, but stiff and glued to the places where they were perched. However, what is really striking about this case is that even though they were all dead, they appeared alive, with semi-melted bodies and a brownish tone, with a very wax-like texture. It was like seeing human bodies carved in rotten wax, and the smell that the bodies gave off was brutal, equal to that of a corpse in a very advanced state of decomposition even though the bodies had only been in that state for a short time, hours in fact.

The two brothers were in one of the rooms, one sitting in a small chair and the other lying on the bed, both of them looking towards the television that was resting on a shelf. The sister who was the youngest daughter was in another room sitting on the floor with a notebook and some colored pencils. The mother was in the kitchen holding the knobs with the water coming out, and the father was in the bathroom halfway out of the shower.


This had already happened several times, many times to be more exact. The police had already found entire families turned into "dead wax figures", obviously they were not made of wax, but neither of any known material. This is one of those cases where the more details you know, the more you investigate, the more you realize the dire nature of the situation. They had no ideas why or how this happened, but it did. Investigations had concluded that the bodies of the victims were indeed made of an unrecognizable material, reminiscent of wax or clay. Another detail that froze the blood of several is that in the process of "transformation" to wax beings, people lost all traces of organs and bones, nerves; blood and everything in between.

As said before, this phenomenon only happened in this county, and people were terrified, nothing that happened made sense or reason. Some rumors said that the surroundings and the neighborhoods of some areas had a curse, or something similar. It was even thought that beings from other realities or dimensions lived in the surroundings together with people. It was also thought of a strange climate that could only cause those effects in that county, and many other theories as surreal as the event itself. Whatever was going on, no one has been able to know until today, when the county is almost totally abandoned.

Interestingly, several experts from various fields, both supernatural and scientific, who have investigated in the areas, say that in these places, an electromagnetic activity very different from that of any part of the world is seen and felt in the environment.