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Where am I?

What is this place? How did I get here?

Was I drugged? Abducted? Misled? I don’t remember.

This isn’t a place I’ve ever seen before. Seriously, where am I? Am I chained to this wall? What the hell?!

What happened last night? What time is it? Am I late for work?

Work can wait. I need to find out where the hell I am and why. My eyes are starting to adjust. This looks like an old warehouse or barn or something. Why am I here? Who brought me here?

...Who chained me to the wall?

...Why am I chained to the wall?

The windows across the empty space from me are a sickly yellow, so it might be sunrise or sunset? Or they’re just really dirty. God, why don’t I know anything? Where the hell am I? What happened to me? My head hurts. Were those footsteps?

I have to try to escape. That’s it. That’s what normal people do in this situation, right? It’s so cold in here. I’m shaking, and my teeth are nearly chattering. How did I fall asleep in this temperature and wake up without hypothermia?

I’m getting distracted again, damn it. Okay, the chains. They’re screwed into the wall pretty tight, from the look of it. Maybe the cuffs? They look old and worn, but I’m no superhuman. They’re still metal. Metal…?

That’s it! I was at the dentist! I was getting a badly infected tooth pulled. They said they were putting me under, which I thought was strange for just one tooth, but who am I to question the professionals? Stupid, apparently. Stupid and a prisoner. My head hurts. My mouth hurts, too, now that I’m thinking about it.

It’s so damn cold. It feels like a hospital. I could swear I keep hearing footsteps somewhere.

How long have I been here? It feels like I’ve been awake for about an hour. I’m getting hungry. Wait! A door just opened!

I tried to muster some fire into my voice, but all I could produce was a sound that a dying bird would make. Guess it had been a while since I last spoke. “Who’s out there?”

“Ah, Mr. Evans! You haven’t been awake too long have you? I sure hope not,” the cheery voice acknowledged me. It was unsettling how happy the man had sounded to see me. He flipped on some fluorescent overhead lights that nearly blinded me. Those “windows” were just yellowed posters.

“Do I know you?” The strength was coming back to my voice now. “Why am I here? Who brought me here?”

As he stepped closer, I noticed that he was wearing one of those surgical masks, and his eyes seemed confused. “Why, Mr. Evans,” he seemed like he was trying to console a child. “Do you not remember? You had an appointment.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I really could not think of anything else to say. He was beginning to make me very nervous.

“Mr. Evans, sir, you were late to your appointment. You should know what that entails.” He sounded like he was starting to get angry. “You signed the papers. You should have read our policies.” He seemed to grow taller with every word spoken, but that’s just in my head right? Oh, what have I gotten myself into?

“Who are you?!” I could hear the fear in my own voice.

“Why, I’m your dentist, Mr. Evans.” Back to cheerful. “Now, since you’re awake anyway, let’s have a look at that tooth, shall we?” Dental drills started to whir. “Hopefully this teaches you how seriously we take punctuality here, Mr. Evans.” I let loose with a scream, but it was quickly muffled by his gloved hands reaching into my mouth.