May 26:
It hasn't rained in three months. Whole town's worried. We need rain in a little rural town like this. The crops. The reservoir.

June 7:
Marlene cries at night. The girls are worried too. I started going to church.

June 16:
No rain. Attending church almost every day. God will save us.

June 28:
Please, God, let it rain.

July 1:
No rain.

July 4:
We couldn't light off fireworks. Everything is too dry. I got out a Latin bible and read from it. Still no rain.

July 24:
No rain. Four months now. Are we cursed?

August 6:
No rain. I have given up on prayer. Other gods exist, do they not? The heathen devils are tricky, but maybe they can help us.

August 18:
Rain dance all night. No rain. I need stronger magic.

August 25:
Killed a calf. Called for rain. Storm clouds on the horizon. Gone by evening without rain.

September 3:
Rain! Sweet rain. It worked. No price is too high for survival.

September 7:
The funeral was a nice little affair.

September 18:
One day of rain isn't enough.

September 21:
Rain. I was shaking all night after.

September 27:
Rain. God forgive me.

October 1:
Rained today. People are saying the town is cursed. I stopped going to the funerals.

October 9:
Marlene found out. I don’t know how. Maybe there was a reason we set aside our stepped pyramids and knives.

It will rain tomorrow.

Credited to Voidswimmer on Bogleech 
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