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It was a cold summer day. Lately, the town had had an extreme cold period and terrible weather, which was not on par with the usual weather patterns of the summer. As the weather grew worse, the townsfolk (specifically the dog-owners of the town) began experiencing extreme paranoia. Every minute of every day, they would repeatedly check their dogs, as if they knew something was wrong, but couldn't place their fingers on it.

Later, some dog-owners began to notice some of their dogs snouts getting redder, as if they were cold. The dog-owners just shrugged it off as a result of the cold weather. A few days later, it began to rain, continuously and endlessly, for days and night on end.

After the 13th day of rain, the rain abruptly stopped. Then, it began raining blood (or so the townsfolk thought). Later research into the incident proved that the rain was not blood, but red-dyed pus. As the pus continued to rain down, the dogs in the town, which we will now call "Red Snout Victims", or just "Victims", grew increasingly more agitated. They began biting, scratching, clawing at their owners who they once loved, until no dog in the town was recognizable. These "Victims" began turning redder and redder, spreading from their snout all the way down to the tips of their claws. Their eyes grew red and wild, some with no eyes at all, just empty black abysses that occasionally leaked red pus. They lost their fur and their skin grew harsh and tough, cracked and scaly, covered with welts leaking that horrible red pus.

Most of the townsfolk packed up and left, only to find dogs riddling the streets, some standing on two legs instead of four. They would joyously rip into the fleeing townsfolk as they tried to leave, grateful for the chance of food. In no time at all, the streets became riddled with organs, flesh, discarded eyeballs, teeth, anything the dogs didn't want. The remaining townsfolk hid in their houses and watched the dogs became mutated and deformed. All of them were standing on two legs now, with powerful front legs turned-arms. On the 18th day of rain, the dogs began to dig at the center of the town, creating an increasingly wider pit, until whole houses began falling in, their owners screaming as they fell down, down, down. Nobody ever heard the distant crash of the houses hitting the bottom. In the end, the whole town was gone, and the dogs jumped into the pit, which promptly filled back in. The rain stopped, and all was calm once again.