Author's note: This poem can be read like any other, but was written to be sung along with a certain tune.

Fallen angel

Long time ago, I was the Light.
In Heavens shining with all my might.
But then I fell.
Cast into Hell.
Into the world of everlasting night.

Struck down I was by my dear brother.
Struck on the order of my beloved father.
The pain was dire.
It burned like fire.
And when I remember, still I shudder.

I lost my wings, I lost my grace.
Flung from the sky, to this dreary place.
Encased in frost.
My light was lost.
With frozen tears shining on my face.

I ask myself, from time to time.
Does my punishment fit my crime?
I did not obey.
So here I stay.
While ice around me rings like chime.

But I shall rise, on a fateful day.
Some shall weep, and some shall pray.
But bother not.
'Tis all for naught.
For every one of you I will slay.

Torn, broken corpses, wide and far.
And jagged steel, and burning tar.
I will ascend.
Your world to end.
Fear the wrath of the Morning Star.

Written by Helel ben Shahaar
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