Creepypasta Wiki

Six riddles I bestow

Answers hiding far below

1) I cry several times per day

My innards are coiled tight

I hiss when I'm awake

Especially when it's at night

What am I?

2) I am ghostly, I cannot be seen

I can touch you but you can’t touch me

I come from the heart, this you know

Another word for tool, is how I am shown

In your mind, I'll burrow myself

Create me in sequence until I am grown

What am I?

3) Pose me like a tan cactus,

Draw your attention to my limbs,

Featureless, and my joints may rust

Although I look alive, I lack human skin sin

What am I?

4) I strike at any time, for vague reasons alone

Men will be afraid to leave

The sanctity of their homes

Felt by all, but never seen

Only the brain can hear my piercing scream

What am I?

5) I lay across your chair at night, obfuscated by darkness

A normal thing by day, although I’m still heartless

Worn, but not out, I am a slave to my host

They say my flesh holds romance, but all I feel are ghosts

What am I?

6) My lips drip putrid word spit,

I feel that I’m fairly lovesick

Among the thrashing, moaning throes

I feel my bones crack and groan

I see you staring through your screen

Looking for those horrific fonts

My limbs powerful - not so lean,

Teeth tombstone large and incredibly clean

I invite you to take notice of these,

Every word I've written

Is a drop of blood for thee.

What am I?


  1. A sink tap
  2. A melody
  3. A wooden model
  4. Anxiety
  5. A pile of clothes
  6. One who sends you poetry from nearby.