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Car road.jpg

You're taking a roadtrip to your parents' house on the countryside. You remind yourself of the driver's plate number of your new car. Your car runs out of gas on a desolate highway that seems to stretch for infinity. You slam your fist on the dashboard in frustration because the last gas station is miles from where you are. You sigh in annoyance as you make your way out of the car. You attempt to walk back to the gas station, but it seems to take forever.

You come across a broken down car in the middle of the road as you make your journey; the car is ridden with cobwebs in every crevice. The car looks oddly like the car that you were driving. You shrug off any idea of help from its owner and keep on walking for a few miles until you come upon another broken down vehicle. It would seem many people buy the same vehicle.

You pass the car by, ignoring the details. As you are walking... you see another car in the middle of the road. You're getting paranoid, but you keep on going towards the gas station. You're now avoiding and ignoring every obstacle in your way. At this point, you realize that you have not seen anyone driving on the road or any tow trucks going in the direction of your car.

You see a figure in the distance and start running at full speed towards it. It's the same destroyed car that was miles back. You get angry and you kick the car with all your might. You get curious and investigate the vehicle to find out something that horrifies you. The broken down car has the same driver's plate and it was the same car you were driving.